Friday, April 3, 2009

A quarter gone ...

Wow! That was fast, a whole quarter gone already!

Earlier this year, I took WSL's lead in stating down what I have achieved in January and thought that I would be able to follow through on the following months. However, I did not and now, I have missed months already!

Anyway, besides what happened in January, some key happenings include:

... It was still CNY and Ryan had a CNY party in school, but he was more excited about Christmas than this.
... Lap Chun came on the 10th day of CNY
... I ended my confinement, happier this time and more relaxed compared to the first time.
... I celebrated my full moon with family at lunch and later had dinner with some good friends.
... Mum is reminded of my cries when she took care of Megan when I popped out
... Ryan's language continues to amaze me although he also picked up some phrases which I do not approve of
... Celebrated Valentine's Day differently this year, with the addition of Megan.
... Ryan stuffed toilet paper in his nose, like I stuffed biji saga up mine
... Ryan started to display some restlessness at school and at home, teacher thought it may be due to Megan's arrival. I was emotional about it, but I think I just need to show him our love more.
... We sent Megan to nanny's at 6 weeks
... Megan started to smile by 6 weeks
... Started PT sessions and began my gym routine in an effort to trim my tummy, got hungry more often
... Megan started to babble before reaching months, it was a bliss
... Taught Ryan all about choices and consequences, not sure if he truly understands it, but it has to be done anyway
... Megan's first outing to the park at around 7 weeks, we went to TTDI's Kiara park
... Celebrated Ryan's birthday in school and later celebrated both his daddy's and his birthday at home with a dinner
... Started work on 10th March, so fast, 2 months already
... Ryan and I got sick, apparently kena rotavirus
... Thankfully Megan got her immunization on this as well as a 6-in-1 jab, she sailed quietly through it
... Ryan began to reward us with stickers
... I went out to buy 2 handbags, crazy liao
... Both nanny and Wati got sick on the same day, created havoc on me and made me realised their importance to my peace
... Ryan drew and I was utterly impressed!

Wah wah wah, so much has happened in just 2 months.

Looking for a better Q2 and happier days ahead!