Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I am so happy

I am so happy. I could not stop smiling. I am just so delirious.

Ever since we became more indebted yesterday, I am just so so happy. I began planning the house in my sleep yesterday and I could not stop thinking about the mags I will get to help me set up the house that I have been wanting.

When hubby bought our current house, he pretty much did up the entire place and it was indeed a job well done. All I had to do was move in and put in some feminine touch to it and voila, a house became a home.

Now, I want to take the lead in decorating the house ... because I want it to be a home from the start. Hubby just told me his ideas about the house - practical as usual. No doubt, it will be another well done job, but I want to be part of it.

I am supposed to start mortgage shopping today, but I was still high from the excitement, I cannot think properly today .... so have to start tomorrow.

Was telling a friend ... I waited 2 years for this, worse than waiting for Mr. Right!! It's true ... I really did wait so long. Won't you be as delirious as I am too?


Anonymous said...

Congrats!! I know the feeling of being a owner of a new property that you have waited like forever. But do wish you all the best in getting a new loan and most importantly in your venture of decorating the new property. When it comes to decision on decorating a new home and also the effort of moving, it is really a test of your marriage. Not sure whether you will experienced it but i definately had an expenrience of a life time (bitter sweet) ha..ha.

Btw, have the property prices came down? Where is your new property? Am considering a new place too.

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! I can share your joys. A home is v important for a family with children. Hmmm, I am just wondering when I can have my own house. :(