Friday, April 17, 2009

Toys, toys and more toys!!

Today is one of those days which shopping is the main highlight. During my newspaper flipping in the morning, I saw that Toys r Us is having a clearance sale and offers up to 70% on some toys. Yay!!!

Penny was grinning too when I asked if she wants to come with me. So off we went to one of the larger ones and was there for a good solid hour. I sometimes think, WE are the ones fascinated by he toys and not so much the kids.

While I had actually swore not to spend anymore on baby toys, somehow when I am there, I cannot resist grabbing on sight. I ended up buying a musical mobile for RM40 (original was RM129), an Elmo handphone for RM30 (originally was RM79.90), 1 pair of arm floats, 1 set of tattoo pens (for RM12.50) after 50% off and 2 little multi activity toys for baby Megan to explore with. It all cost me about RM150, what a bargain!

I was also tempted to buy another set of Playdoh and a huge set of Lego to keep under my bed and release to the kids when they are older. Unfortunately, under my bed also has quite a collection of toys ... but I am still thinking about it!

Go check it out at all Toys r Us stores, from now till 18 May 2009. Only for Star members only though.

Ps - See what Penny bought here.

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