Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Megan to date

Megan is a real darling. She really is a happy baby. She rarely cries and when she does, it is more of a call rather than a cry.

By the time she gets home at night, she is already tired and would nurse herself to sleep. Sometimes she will babble a little before fussing to sleep. Usually I would change her quickly and talk to her all the while so that she is distracted.

Throughout the night, she will probably nurse about 2 times, sometimes once. And I would wake up with a full breast. She has also stopped pooping at night, so we have no mess to deal with.

In the morning, she will wake up with a cry and then settle to observe us getting ready for work and school. Ryan would jump up the bed and attempt to kiss and hug her. She usually will obliged, else she will let out a cry again.

2 hours after she wakes up, she will fuss to sleep again and throughout the day, she will doze on and off. She is happiest (I think) when she bathes. And the water must be just right for her to be in it for a while.

My dear little angel is really great. And yesterday Ryan said "Is Megan awake?" I said yes. Then Ryan said "Good morning princess!!" I went "Wow!" Ryan continued "Megan is the princess, I am the prince"

Guess that makes me the queen and the father the king!!

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Penny said...

But you are always the queen no matter what they are...haha!