Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You sick, I sick, everybody sick!

This is horrible. WSL remarked that I am allergic to work, hence I always fall sick whenever I am at work .... true to her hypothesis, I am sick - again!

This time however, Ryan fell sick first, then I got it and then hubby got it. Yesterday, Megan developed phelgm and a slight cough. Last Friday, Megan developed a fungus in her mouth.

Within a span of 5 days, we have been to the doctor's twice to see Megan's ills and once for mine. Ryan's visit was last week and hubby is stubbornly refusing any doctor's visits.

Anyway, hopefully after the medication, we will all get better. I cannot bear when my babies get sick, heck, I cannot bear getting sick either! Arghh ... hope to get better tomorrow.


Cowie said...

Megan caught the mouth fungus from you through breastfeeding. You need to clean your nipple before feeding her. Apply Daktarin for her for a week and it will go away.
Hallie had the damn fungus many times!!

Kiasu Mom said...

Its the weather.. I was sick too :-(. Hayley had flu for a week and then slight cough but thankfully she is now ok... sigh..

Gina Yong said...

all building immune system... good good.

Busy Bee said...

Cowie - I also don't know where the fungus came from. Doc said it could be from anywhere. She also prescribed Daktarin, thankfully Megan recovered.

Kiasu Mom - Good that Hayley has recovered. I really hate it when my kids get sick.

Gina - Yup, I am also thinking along the same line. Thankfully Megan is protected by my milk and Ryan already has his immunity built.