Sunday, April 26, 2009

Parents Teacher Day

In Ryan's school, the parents and teachers all meet once every 4 months. The meeting has 2 reasons to it:
1) To see the development of the child
2) To receive the invoice for the school fees

I always thought that (2) is very dependant on (1). It's like saying "So, this is how much we will charge you because your kid is so unbearable ...." OR it can be "So, this is how much we will charge you because he can now do this and this and this ... "

Either way, the meeting this time was very pleasant for the father and I on Friday.

We were due to meet the form teacher at 9.10am. This time we even brought Megan along because Ryan had wanted to show Megan his school. Upon reaching, Ryan conveniently forgot about us once he saw his friends and went to play, it was not a school day despite it being a Friday.

The meeting started with the teacher saying that Ryan has a holistic development, i.e. he is emotionally and physically developing well. He is able to socialize well too and able to do all the climbing, running, singing, talking, fighting well too. He also took fighting to a new level - fighting with girls now. Great. I have got a normal kid.

The teacher showed us his work and was impressed by the fact that he can now do matchings, i.e. matching of pictures to the numbers. It did not occur to me earlier that he can count and he knows the numbers, so this, he should be able to do. *Doink*

The teacher also said that he is good in writing, drawing and colouring. He also likes to draw flowers lately. And I had thought that flowers was a girl thing ; ) There were some pages which showed that he was taught how to write the alphabets within the lines provided. The exercise involves making the child tracing the lines of one alphabets and then writing it free hand on another column and then repeating it by tracing etc. The teacher also said that Ryan could do this well.

One thing which we have to work (or rather, bear with) is that Ryan cannot focus 100%. He is always "somewhere else". The teacher could be teaching and he will be busy doing something else, hence the teacher going "Pay attention!!" Haha. The teacher said it is a boy's thing, I seem to remember that I used to be like that too .... and is punished quite often.

One thing the teacher did say was "Given that he only focuses 60%, at most 70%, he is still able to grasps most things, so it is very good. If he can focus 100%, then no doubt he will be able to fly. For sure he is an above average kid."

Great, now who can tell me how to get a kid (WHO IS A BOY) to focus 100%. Even I can't do that, haha. Great meeting, looking forward to the next one now, but don't really feel like wanting to pay the fees though.

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