Sunday, May 17, 2009

Caring Ryan

My little boy can be such a darling although he can also be quite a handful. I read somewhere that how we respond to a child will determine how he will react when the same situations arise. For example, whenever he is sick, or if he falls, I will hug and kiss his wound to assure him that all is well. And this is how he responds too whenever he thinks we are in pain.

We were fooling around in bed last Saturday morning and we started the tickling match between Ryan, his daddy and myself. Somehow, it got a little rough and I fell off the bed.

Ryan immediately stopped laughing and came to my side. He had a look of concern on his face when he asked me how I felt. He was trying to assure me that it is just play and that it was not real. He kept patting my back, all the time looking concerned. He even scolded his daddy for "making mum hurt".

In the afternoon, it was so hot that we napped in the air-cond. I threw the thermal blanket over Megan and Ryan said "No, this blanket has holes, Megan will feel cold." And he proceeded to cover her with his Batman blanket.

Isn't that sweet? And he is only 4 years old. I am so proud of him.


wsl said...

lovely boy. so unlike mommy :p

Busy Bee said...

Woi!! what la you. I also lovely ok, just "different" type.