Monday, May 18, 2009

Megan turns!!

I have to note this before I forget.

Mother's Day this year was really hot. We had tried to hold Megan for as long as I can. The heat was killing me and so, I had put her on the floor, on her tummy.

And then, it happened, she attempted to turn and was successful! It was so wonderful and I think she was very proud of herself. She was smiling when we hugged and cheered her.


Fast forward to today - 17 May 2009

We were having lunch and Megan was on the floor. And then suddenly, she was on her tummy!!

Yay! She was a little stun I think because her eyes were bigger and she smiled. The world must have looked different for her, I think.

I am so happy, I could not stop smiling, despite the damn heat.

Bliss ...


Fafa said...

I didn't see her long time, you got her picture ah .. post it here please

Kiasu Mom said...

Wow, she is quick! :-)