Sunday, May 3, 2009

Me and my books

I am a confirmed book addict. I buy books with the intention to read it, every time. Trouble is, I do not read them fast enough compared to the rate I buy them. And so, I now have shelves full of books but do not have enough eyes to read them.

All my books are overflowing and there are still some which I have not bought, but am eyeing on, in case there are sales on them. My bookshelves are already showing signs of overloading - they are bending, next time must buy stronger ones.

Anyway, last Labour Day, I went to the MPH warehouse sale with Ryan and between the 2 of us, we managed to cart off more books to the car. Think the books we bought were heavier than Ryan! As usual, I bought more books for Ryan than for myself. And the only reason for that was because the kids' books were darn cheap, and plenty!!

I managed to get Dora activity books for RM6, also managed to get some Charlotte Web activiy books for RM3!! I also got a children's illustrated bible book for RM25, this was a little pricey cause I got one for myself (adult's version for only RM20. I even got one for my mum for Mother's Day present.

I started reading it to Ryan because I really wanted him to know that there is a divine power working above us. Hopefully he will get it and appreciate life and things given to him more. Plan to also impart this onto Megan. Yeah, me and my ideals.

Prior to this sale, I also went to Border's and Kinokuniya to buy some parenting books. And I have not started to read them yet. Sigh, I really have to stop buying.

Last year, I set myself a target to complete 1 book a month. I fell short by 1 book by the time 2008 closed. This year, the target is 13 books. I only have completed 3, and in April, did not complete any although I am half way on several. So now, I have to shut down this laptop and start to read, really. Else, I will feel really guilty about buying and spending all the money and not reading them.

Have you bought a new book lately? Have you read a book lately? Please share!

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Kiasu Mom said...

Hey, I am not a book person but I recently bought 'I am not sick, just a little unwell' by Yvonne Foong recommended by Penny. Finished reading the book within an hour :-). Happy to be able to help Yvonne at the same time.