Monday, May 4, 2009

Week 15 and more ...


Megan has already passed her Week 15 and below is apparently what she is experiencing
- Preferences for colours, textures and sights will change from more basic black and white to multi-coloured, multi-textured, noise-making machines!

I think Megan has already reached this stage as seen when she is attracted to the colourful musical mobile we got her as well as the TV and computer we have around her. She started to turn her head towards the TV and computer and would stare at it for a long while when they are switched on.

And then there is the curious case of why Megan takes exceptionally well in sucking her fingers and hands. Apparently it is because it is for comfort and and to cope with stress until her motor skills improve and she can manipulate other items into her mouth. And I am to expect she will pick up everything and head it straight into her mouth for the next several months.
What a wonderful time it is for her ... and I. 

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