Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How I spent 2009's Mother's Day

This year's Mother's Day is a little different - I get to be the mother to 2 kids!

We had brunch in a new found vegetarian restaurant in Kelana Jaya and then got home in time for Ryan's bath and nap. The kids were quite hot I think since the sun was shining so so brightly.

Megan was a little agitated by the heat and was fussing quite a bit. Ryan, meanwhile was sweating from his constant move and all his talks. I think it was quite a miracle that we all managed to get through brunch without much tantrums despite the heat.

We spent the whole day at home and in the peak of the heat, I made us all homemade lemonade and had chocolate chip cookies. I also got the kids into the inflatable tub and Ryan went in stark naked. Megan kicked around in the water. By then it was already 5 o'clock. We were expecting my parents over so that we can go grocery shopping - it has been a while since we both got to go grocery shopping together in peace.

After hauling the groceries and dinner up to the house, we finally sat down for dinner at 10.30pm. Gosh, it was really late. We had wine too, which made me really sleepy. Dinner was for both mum and myself. Again, like my birthday, it is a blessing indeed to have all those who matters to us to be near us.

Ryan had made me a nice card at school and came home to present it to me. It was so sweet. I finally slept at about 2am, after tidying and putting Megan back to sleep again.

It was a tiring and hot Mother's Day, but I would not change it to any other way. Looking forward to next year's.

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