Monday, May 25, 2009

Week 19

Last Friday marks Megan's Week 19. However, according to Welcome Baby Home, my baby is in Week 18. I am pretty sure my number is correct though.

Irregardless, Megan is now 4.5 months old. Below are some things which she can already do according to normal development:

* Be more adventurous and puts most things into her mouth
* Follow objects through 180 degrees with her head
* Display curious behavior when around strangers
* Have good head control and is able to lift neck and shoulders off the floor
* Be more attached to me - This is definitely true! She cannot be pacified even by her daddy!
* Roll from back to side and side to back
* Be able to roll unto front
* Say 'ah-goo' and other similar vowel-consonant combinations
* Make wet razzing sounds
* Be able to calm herself when upset - Yup, but not always. Sometimes she will be so upset, she will wail instead of cry.
* May be able to recognize herself when she looks in the mirror - I think so, she definitely recognizes me. She will show a sign of delight and put her face into her hands or look away shyly
* Show signs of attachment to particular toys or pillow - Not yet, just my hand. All it takes is for her to hold onto my finger and she will be calmed instantly
Other things she can't quite do yet:

* Use hands to prop herself up when sitting - Have to prompt her though.
* Sit without support - Not yet
* Show objection when a toy is taken away - Sometimes, usually, she does not care
* Wave and enjoy being waved back - Not yet

So, this is how Megan has progressed so far.
I must say though, I am very proud of her. And as usual, I was lazy and hence, did not track her development from birth.

But I love her to bits!


Cowie said...

I realised when you did this update, you had Ryan in mind instead. There's HE and HIM on Megan's status.

Busy Bee said...

OMG, I did not noticed!
But actually, I was really focussing on Megan, it's just that I copy and paste from the baby website and (AGAIN) I was lazy enough to clean it.

Updated now ...

Busy Bee said...
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