Friday, May 1, 2009

Pet Day in school

Tuesday and Thursday were Pet Day in school. The children were given a list of animals which were allowed on the respective days. The animals in the list included fish, puppies, cats, rabbits, hamsters, but we did not have any of these.

And so, we brought our turtle on Tuesday. It was too big to be put into a small toy pail and was in the end, transported to school using a small washing pail.

Ryan proudly brought it to school and showed it off to his school mates. Everyone gathered round an exclaimed at the size of it. It was quite a commotion seeing the poor turtle who was a little traumatized.

On the day we brought our pet, there was also puppy, hamsters and a parrot. On thursday, there were many small aquariums, a cat and a rabbit. These too cause excitement for the little ones.

I think the school is great in doing this, it helps the children to cultivate a sense of caring for their animals as well as some exposure given.

Hmm ... I do not remember having a Pet Day in school when I was in kindie. Perhaps if there was, I would have brought a frog there, just to scare everyone else ... hehe.

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