Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I am a horrible mother!

Last month, I went to Toys R Us when they were having a clearance sale for their members. Penny and I went crazy at the sale and one of the toys that we bought was Elmo Cell Phone - Knows Your Name.

One of the special feature of this phone is that you can program your child's name into it. So, your child can actually hear Elmo calling and having a dialogue with him. Penny and I were more excited about it than our sons were I think.

When I showed it to Ryan, he was very happy and would carry it with him wherever he goes. One day, it disappeared. No where to be found. I thought that Ryan had misplaced it, but it turned out that the helper tossed it into the big toy bin. After such a long time missing, naturally Ryan was very pleased when it turned up.

After a week or so, Ryan started to bring it out of the house when we go out. Last Sunday, he did the same thing when we went to Desa Park City for breakfast. He had gone to the park with his daddy and when they got back to the car, they realised that the phone was left on the slide.

Although hubby went back to search for it, it was gone. Ryan was close to tears, but I think he cannot beat me - I was literally tearing!! I insisted that hubby fetch me to Mid Valley to see if they still have stock. I was half preparing myself in the event they do not have it anymore. Luckily, they still have 2.

I had a good mind to buy both, but one of them did not work. So, I ended up buying just one. I was feeling really happy. And I think Ryan sort of forgotten about it after an hour or so.

I know I should not have bought it again to replace the lost one. I am not even sure why I did it - because I could not bear Ryan losing something he likes so much, or because I could not bear the thought of losing it for myself. But then, I have not given it to him yet. I am still waiting for the chance to have a chat with him about it before I say that we have found it, instead of saying that we bought it again.

I think I am a horrible role model. Really, to just go out and buy the lost item again to replace it is not exactly something I want to instill in my kids, but then, I have such a soft spot for them.

Do you think I am a horrible mother?


Penny said...

Nah, hardly a horrible mother. Just one who has incredible attachment to her son's toys! Hahaha. I can't comment much because someday I might just be the pot who's calling the kettle black :P

Gina Yong said...

hey busy bee, my son said you're indeed NOT a terrible mother!!! yar, he read yr blog with me :-)

Kiasu Mom said...

I think I would so the same too... so, you're not a terrible mother cause I know I am not.. hehe