Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Second birthday

Come 6th March, Ryan will be 2 years old.

As with all mothers (well, almost all), this is indeed a proud moment for it means that one has been giving unconditional love for 2 whole years and in return have also been receiving unconditional love for that long.

I will be on leave when Ryan becomes 2 years old. I intend to spend the entire day just being with him. I remember last year, I went to open a savings account for him as a birthday present. Maybe this year, I will start a UT fund for him. I know, I am $$ minded, but I also realize that this is the most practical thing I can do for him.

On his first birthday, we went to a photo studio to have photos of the family taken. This year, I am planning of having a photographer over to the house when we are having his little party. I thought this would be better in capturing the precious live moments. Photos are such nice things to keep the memories alive.

This line describes me accurately - “You know you are a real mom when … you cheer your children’s milestones but secretly wish they’d stay babies forever.” I am really proud of Ryan’s developments to date, but secretly wish that he will not grow up so quickly.

Verbal developments

Ryan has always been a happy baby and has also always made noise. He started babbling at a very young age and has proceeded to calling mama, papa and mek mek easily.

In the last 2 weeks, his verbal development has been tremendous, being able to make 3-4 words phrases now although tenses and grammars may not be always right.

The longest sentence we taught him was “Mummy, I want milk milk please.” Now, he has started to apply the same sentence with different food/ items now.

Occasionally he will come to me and then say something which just totally surprise me. Last Sunday, he came up to me to say “Triangle” while showing me the actual shape itself. I have only mentioned this to him a couple of times, and not really whole heartedly cause I figured he won’t understand anyway. But then he was able to recall and show it to me … I am very happy.

Another reminder that we should be careful about what we say in front of children, you never know what they hear and pick up.

Doing the cart wheels

2 nights ago, Ryan and I were spending some time on the bed before sleeping and I was reading him a book. After a few minutes, he got restless and began to jump on the bed.

Then he suddenly put his head on the bed with his bum high up in the air. Next thing I know, he was already doing the cartwheel on my bed. I must say that the feeling was mixed with pride and fear that he will hurt himself.

He did it a few more times and he was laughing loudly every time he managed to turn himself.

Oh, I am so looking forward to more of his developments, I am definitely a proud mum.