Thursday, November 24, 2011

My baby leaves school

It was just like yesterday when I sent Ryan to school for the very first time. I still remember all the guilt I had when I sent him at 3 years old. He was still a baby then, still nursing and still with diapers. 

After 4 years there, today, we have to move on and close this chapter of his life as we embark on the next phase. 

As always, I will pick him up on the first and last day of the year, today I did that too. In the car, I explained to the best I can for him to understand that the journey has been long and was filled with joy, laughter, tears and sometimes frustration. But I said that this part is now closed and we will move on to another school with good things to come. 

I am not sure if he understands it fully, but he expressed some sadness as he said he wants to always remain where he is ... he loves the play concept very much! 

Tomorrow marks a new journey for me as I will undergo orientation for Megan ... and I am sure it will be an eventful journey for all of us. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ryan participates and wins!

In this last week, Ryan has taken part in 2 quiz sessions and he won! Ok ok, some may say it is no big deal, but I am his mother, and I think it is a very big deal!

So last Tuesday, after we finished his music class, we hung around till about 7pm where the centre had a pretty Japanese girl come to perform and sell the features of their electone and piano. After some playing, she announced that there will be some questions and if the kids answered them correctly, they will get a small keyboard like pouch.

When she played that Korean song "Nobody Nobody But You", Ryan's hand shot up and answered the title of the song. He got a red pouch. Then he said "I want one for my sister". So when the next quiz came on the instruments that was played on the electone, his hand shot up again and he answered "Piano". This time he got a block pouch. He happily declared that he was going to get another one for Dylan.

Unfortunately, on his third attempt, the lady said that they have to give other kids a chance ... so Ryan's hopes were dashed. No matter, I still praised him for a good effort put in. The pouches were later filled with sweets from the centre and presented to the sister - both were delighted!

Yesterday, we participated in another one. It was the cast of Aladdin at MPH Mid Valley. They came to introduce themselves and later tell a story. After that the kids were asked questions.

The first question was answered wrongly and Ryan felt his ego hurt when kids laughed at him. Early start to teaching him it is ok to be wrong and laughed at so long as learn and move on.

The second one was answered quickly when asked who did Aladdin love, or something like that...I was too excited to remember the exact thing. For getting that right (and the effort put in), he won 2 tickets to watch Aladdin the musical at Sunway Lagoon. But hor, they are very clever, give you 2 tickets ... you still need to buy extra ones if you want to go as a family. Which makes me think now ... should I buy 2 more or should I just make do with 2 tickets? Meaning I will just bring Ryan to the musical since he won it ... Hmmm ...

But coming back, Ryan gave good tries to both and I am really proud that he did not need me to poke him into participating. He did that all by himself. Looking forward to the next ones ...

Friday, November 11, 2011


Isn't that a special date? I am out as I am posting this, gonna buy chocolate ice cream to celebrate with my brood later. Have a good night ahead!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gymboree, here I come again!

Today I decided to enroll Megan into Gymboree, after more than 10 months of deliberation. Yes, you can call me a terrible mum ...

When Ryan was 2 years old, we made a choice to enroll him because he was the only child then and he did not really have any exposure to other children. He was all alone, to my eyes and I figured then he needed to know that there are other little children in his world. So, that decision was easy.

This time round, with Megan, it was different. The reason for sending Ryan did not exist with Megan. She grew up with Ryan fussing and fighting with her, so she is very aware of other children. She also made friends with the kids in the park, so much for other children.

However, I was afraid that she may not really understand or share similar things with Ryan. Gymboree was really fun. If we did not send her, she would not know who is Gymbo the clown, she will not be enjoying some of the CDs we have bought for Ryan to jump and sing and spin. She won't also enjoy life under the big tent ...

So, today, the decision was made. We will send her for 12 short weeks and then she will be off to school. Hope she will enjoy herself and learn from the whole affair.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Morning before 7am

Dylan woke up with a leaked diaper and fever. Vomited when I fed him medicine, so we all got to change. Then I fed Megan ... And she says "thank you so much mummy". All worth it, all before 7am too!