Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kicking in China

We have been getting SMS and calls from my parents since last Friday when they took off to China.
Everyday, their SMS will tell us about the wonderful time they had and the wonderful sights they experienced.
And everyday, they will update us on the money they have spent buying things which we do not have in KL.
My brother is convinced they are conned .... but they said they are not. They are just happy to have been able to go there and spend money on things which will benefit us.
And so I believe that I inherited my compulsive shopping behaviour from them .....

Ryan's addition

Ryan added a little name to his prayers .....

"Thank you God for the day I have,
for the food I eat, for the clothes I wear, for mummy, daddy and Ryan,
Thank you God, good night God"

Last night he was able to say most of it by heart.

God Bless Him.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Say a little prayer tonight

3 nights ago, I started Ryan on his bedtime prayers. I am not advocating any religion to him this time, but I figured that I need to start him early on this so that he will grow up knowing that he has God to talk to, to thank and to know that there is a greater power above.

We prayed together and had picked a spot by the window where we knelt and clasped our hands together and bowed a little. The little payer was easy ....
"Thank you God for the day I have,
Thank you God for the food I eat, for the clothes I wear, for the love I have, for mummy and daddy,
Thank you God,
Good night God"

When we finished the first night, Ryan asked "Why must kneel down? Where is God? I cannot see him?" As usualy his questions will stumped me, but I did my best to explain it to him.

The second night, he was able to remember the first phrase, and still insisted to know where is God.

I am hoping that he is able to continue with this prayer all his life, giving him a sense of appreciation of the things he has. I hoping that I am able to do my part for the next generation through my little boy.

May God Bless You Always.

China, here I come

My parents left for China yesterday, despite the quakes in Sichuan. They are now in Shanghai and going to tour the surrounding areas.

My dad has been talking about this trip for a while now and we did not think that he was serious about it. So, when he declared that he had booked this trip, me and my brother were like "Really ah?". We could not think why anyone would really want to go to China, especially my mum who is like a hygiene inspector walking around.

Anyway, the big day was in sight and I was a little nervous about them going off on their own. Yeah, I think it is my mother instinct kicking in, I was worried that they would be a little lost without us round. Don't get me wrong, they are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, it is just that they have never gone on a plane and went so far without me or my brother, so I guess, it deserved some worry.

The night before, we were planning to surprise them at the airport before they departed. We reached at about 6am .... and there was already a sea of people at the airport. It took us some time before we found them amidst a group of people. For a couple of people in their 60's, they sure looked good. Dad has a red backpack on him, looking like a school boy eager to go on his adventure and mum looked cool as ever with her coloured specs and neat hair.

After some last minut checks, the tour guide came and gave them a briefing. It was really amusing for us to see them the oldest amongst the group of 25. The tour guide had more rings and earings than 10 girls put together!

We stood with them waiting to check-in for 30 minutes and before long, they were ready to go through customs and we stood looking at their backs. I felt proud that my parents were off on their adventure, that they were able to enjoy their golden years together, that they were laughing together. My mum told me that she is ver fortunate - no matter where she goes, she always has my father to take care of the directions, the logistics etc. or she will have us to take care of things for her. How fortunate. And I wonder where will I be in my 60's.

Theie plane was scheduled at 8.10am .... and dad was calling us to see if we had reached home at 8.15am!! The plane was a little delayed. By 1.30pm, they had landed. "Landed safely" was dad's message. As of last night, we were told that they had a good half day's tour and had a good dinner and the hotel was a god 4 star. Bro said "Good that it all worked out ok".

Right now, I am thinking that they are on a bus on another day's adventure. I can feel that they are enjoying themselves. And I look forward to another sms from dad. And I look forward to see them next Friday when they return.

My parents are growing up!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I am such a cry baby

In the past 2 weeks, I have watched 2 movies which has brought tears to my eyes.

The first one was "The Pursuit of Happyness".
It tells of a story of a man who had difficulties in meeting ends, having to sell machines door-to-door, whose wife left him in desparation, who tried to make things better for himself and the family, but suffered horrible disappointments .... a man who did not give up no matter what.

He had a son too ... which made the story even better. All through the hardships, he did not give up on his son, believing that he will succeed. And succeed he did when he became the only one chosen from his batch to become a broker .... and he later became a millionaire.

It tells of a story between a father and a son, a relationship who is not threathened by poverty nor by hardships. It tells of a story so beautiful, it is difficult to hold a tear back. Will Smith and his little boy really played the story well.

The second movie was Stepmom.
It starred Susan Saradon and Julia Roberts. A story of how a mum who found out that she has cancer and has to come to terms with the reality of losing her 2 children to the woman who has stolen her husband's heart.

The story goes on to explore how the dying mother hesitated in letting go of her children, how she still wanted to hang on to the past and how she had fought with the younger woman. All through this, she knows that her days are numbered, that she desparately need the comfort of knowing that she will not be replaced.

The screen chemistry of the 2 women and kids was unbelieveable. I have watched this many times and I only felt extremely touched by it when Ryan came along. It brings out the fear in me, that should something happen to me, what would become of Ryan? Would I be lucky enough to have someone take over like Isabel? Would I hold on to the memories and deny reality?

The story naturally has a good ending with the 2 women realising their potentials in shaping the kids and how they acknowledge their roles and influence. But I guess to me, the best part is when the mother articulates all the thoughts that I have for my kid, all the worries and all the constant battles I have with myself in figuring how to best bring Ryan up.

My hubby thinks I am nuts in crying my eyes out and suffer from puffy eyes tomorrow. But then again, mothers are the ones who are more touchy-feely .... which is probably why kids are closer to them.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me = )

Today I spent 10 hours in Mid Valley, really. From 9am to 7pm.

I had a big breakfast at Coffee Bean, then spent 5 hours at the salon for my annual hair makeover. Found out that my hair stylist's birthday is tomorrow! Spent a bomb on my hair, really. Hubby would spend the next decade reminding me of this if he ever found out how much I had spend.

Then I walked the entire Mega mall, including The Gardens, really. My faithful Knickers nearly gave way to my weight. I do not know how many times I swore I would not buy anymore books, but every time I fail to remember that the moment I walked into the book store. After 2 book stores and some hundreds short, I continued with shopping until hubby came over and spoilt my spree >_<

After buying my cake and some eggs, we headed home.

It was a good day on the whole ... another year ahead. Hope that it is going to be a healthy and happy one.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

25th April 2008

I cannot remember when Parents Teacher day was like when I was in school. I think it only happened during primary school and it was usually once a year when the teacher hands over your report card to your parents.

And I have always been the subject matter.

On 25th April, Ryan's school had a parents teacher day - after 4 months. It was a short talk between us and the teacher. It was also a pleasant one since I am pretty in tune with what Ryan was doing in school. We were shown a file which contained all of Ryan's work and it was good to see that Ryan is doing well.

I am so proud that he is adapting well despite being only 3 years old. His confidence in speaking to people has improved tremendously. And he is also not shy to stand up for himself. Now, I just need to make sure that he is well manered all the way.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Malaysian comedy

I have actually started to read the alternative media for the daily news update and not bother with The Star, NST etc. And I am not alone. Many of my friends also did the same.

The recent week however, I read the The Star and guess what?? there was a joke that it carried. First, it was said that the Parliment would show a "live telecast" of the first 30 minutes of the proceedings. Then the ruckus happened and some Info minister came out to say "we will not carry this live telecast anymore" ..... then there was a holw debate and many people supporting the ban and also many people calling these people names .... then today the newspaper said "ok la, we will give everyone a chance and continue with the original 30 minute intention, else we will waste the equipment we had bought for this ..."

What la. I really hope these people can make up their minds before talking to the media. And I really think they should go huddle somewhere and vote YES/ NO before talking to anyone.

Goodness, to think that there are people who would pay RM1.50 for the damn paper to read this silly news. Hmm ... maybe that is why there are still many more copies of The Star left on the shelves, even in the evening today.