Saturday, June 23, 2007

Whisper, whisper

This afternoon, Ryan came up to me and whispered in my ear.
I'd never thought that he would do such things at this age - I mean, what would they want to whisper about right?? They are really loud these days.

Turns out, he actually does not have much to whisper about, just that he wants to act out the act and he was actually quite good at it. He went soft when he had to, but I had no idea what he said because I was too caught up with how my hairs were standing all over!

But, I have to admit, he has made my day with yet another milestone achieved.
Way to go Ryan!

Friday, June 22, 2007


I bought Ryan his first set of puzzles when he was about a year old.
I'd read about this in a friend's blog and it seemed to me that this was a great activity for a kid to do in order to train his attention span as well as to enhace his motor skills.

As I was a little desparate that day to buy this, I wasted no time to hunt around KLCC, instead I walked straight into Mothercare and bought the one that I thought would appeal to Ryan.

It was a set of 4 2-pc puzzles which had transportation as the theme. Imagine my satisfaction in getting this that the price was not a barrier to the purchase although my friend had said that she got hers at 25% of the price I'd paid.

Well, needless to say, Ryan was just as excited as I was when he saw the puzzles .... but mummy had over estimated his capability, cause he has not yet developed the "linkages" and had to be told which goes with which and then also helped to put them together. Also, at that time, he was more facinated with the texture and shape of the pieces that he actually chewed on them!

However, 2 days before my birthday, he sat down and was quiet for a while. I looked at him and to my joy, found that he has successfully completed all the sets of puzzles without even asking for help! Hooray!!! He was so pleased with himself that he clapped and clapped and clapped!!

Since then he has attempted

Thursday, June 21, 2007


This is a model of something Ryan has built and happily declared as an aeroplane. He was clapping his hands wildly and insisted that mummy "take a picture".

I still cannot see where the resemblance is.

Any thoughts?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Today Ryan had an unfortunate day.
He encountered 4 accidents in a day!

First, he kicked the altar at nanny's house when he attempted to kick the ball and ended giving himself a rather big bruise. Nanny put on a plaster on him.

Secondly, he caught his little finger between the grilles and got himself a small cut. There was plaster here too.

Thirdly, nanny said that he walked himself into the head and got himself a nasty bump on the head.

And fourthly, when I got him back, I motioned him to run to daddy ... he did and he fell flat on the road! I was dismayed, but luckily Ryan is one tough boy and so he got up and brushed himself and continued running to his daddy!

Phew! I am thankful that he is a tough guy, else I would have been in real fix! Bless that little boy!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Plant drink milk milk!!

That was what Ryan said when he decided that the plant needed all the goodness of milk.
He poured half his cup of milk into the plant and proudly declared that the "Plant drink milk milk!!"

Mummy is still smiling thinking about this :)

Monday, June 4, 2007

Mile stones

It has been a while since I last blogged about Ryan, or anything else for that matter.
Here, I will attempt to provide an update of Ryan's developments to date.
However, I may miss out some details, which I will make up when I return.

Ryan is now 27 months and here are some of his mile stones to date:
1) He can count straight from 1 -11, but sometimes he will skip 6 for some strange reason.
2) He is able to wear his own shoes, although not always correct.
3) He is able to build models which he will proudly declare asaeroplanes ... but I cannot see which part resembles what. However, I will still go along since he is so adamant about it.
4) He sings some phrases "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star..." "Row row row your boat ...." "Lalala Lalala .. Elmo song..." His phrases are not always right, but he gets the tune right though, at least I know he is not tune deaf!
5) Able to hold pencils and has started with a colouring book. however, the lines are always ignored and his colour are all over the place. What is more, he will get us to sit with him so that we will also have to hold his tiny pencils and start colouring with him!
6) Is extremely loving towards us, me especially. He has a very manja way of calling me, melting me every time.
7) Is able to identify 21 pictures on his ABC chart.
8) Is a very good talker. Next time I will record his exact sentences and I guarantee, it will make you laugh!

Hmm ... think this it is to date, although I believe I have missed out quite a fair bit.
Never mind, I will blog about it when it comes to my mind.

Buzymum is extremely buzy ... will update blog later. Have a great day!