Friday, January 30, 2009

3 weeks now ...

Time flies by quickly now and Megan is 3 weeks old already.

This week has been particularly tough for me as I have to juggle between Ryan and Megan without my mum. Although hubby is around, his help is limited with the kids. Thank goodness the daily Indon lady is around to help with most of the housework. She is indeed God sent.

Megan is now forming her own schedule, although older folks say that it is not good to count your chicks before they hatch. So, I am just going to keep mum about her forming schedule ; )

2 days ago, I was holding her in my arms and was smiling at her. Found that she actually smiles back! I am sure it was not just a coincidence because I notice she actually sees your face before she responds. It was the sweetest smile yet.

Ryan has been a dear, but his excitement can be a little daunting. He is so overly excited and concern about Megan that it did get him into some trouble with his dad. But, the killing part for me was when Ryan wanted me to respond to his Legos, or his blocks, or his drawings etc. when I have my hands full with Megan. Although I did not want to deprive him of his attention, the whole thing can be overwhelming, esp. when I did not get sufficient sleep and Megan is screaming for attention.

Where is my husband in all this? Let's just say that his presence sometimes add more to my stress levels!!

Other than that, I am doing ok. Been reading a bit and been on the net quite a bit. The wound is healing well and I am so, so looking forward to next weekend when full moon is here and I officially can get out of the house without being lectured. I am also looking forward to not having to bathe in the herbal water - it is just creating havoc to my towels!!!

My full moon celebration?? I still have the week to think about it, ya?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Good days to start work this year

According to my feng shui master, there are 4 days which are supposedly good to start work - the 3rd, 5th, 8th and 10th day of CNY.

As I will still be in confinement in all these days, I am just wondering how am I going to commence my start work day? And the answer came when my boss sent me some files to review - I will review that and send him my thoughts and count that as my start day ; )

When did you start work? Are you particular about it?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ouch!!! My tooth hurts!!

Well, today is officially the first day of the Lunar Calendar and I am excited about it although I am not celebrating it like any other year.

However, one thing that is bothering me is that MY TOOTH HURTS!!! Arghh!!! I am not sure if it is the old filling that has come off and it is giving me this pain, OR, it is a new cavity in my old filling. Either way, it is darn painful and I sure am not going to enjoy my food if every other bite gives me a pain more intense than child birth!!!

Man, what a way to start the year. Definitely reflect the current state of affaird - pain in the tooth!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Just a short note to wish everyone a Happy New Year and may the Year of the Ox brings us all abundance and joy.

For those who are driving - be safe.
For those who are hanging around .... like me - turn on the TV!!
For those who are thinking of all the CNY goodies ... like me too - bring them on!
For those who are health/ weight conscious - who is counting anyway?

Have a great time everybody!!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

2 weeks on ...

It has been weeks since Megan's arrival, but the memory of it seems like it only happened yesterday.

In the last 2 weeks, we, as a family, have been adjusting rather well to Megan's presence. We just got her Chinese name yesterday and have not decided how to spell it in her birth cert. Tomorrow is the due date for her MyKid card, failling which we will have to pay a penalty again. The last time with Ryan, we took a good month to decide on his name. This time, although we have the name ready, hubby was too busy with work to go, looks like we have to pay the penalty again.

The first week was a little chaotic - both because I was recovering and another, because I was still unsure about how I was going to cope after my mum goes home. This week though, things are looking rather ok. My wound does not hurt as much, the daily helper is doing well, hubby is also coping well with the daily routine and Ryan's schedule. Ryan, surprisingly, took on his big brother role rather smoothly and remains protective of his little sister.

Cooking wise, well, I think that department needs some improvement from my side la. But I am still eating confinement food and I am still practising some of the pantang-larang ... loosely though ; ) but still hanging in there.

My trip to the gynae also went well and we are scheduled to see him in another weeks. We will be seeing the pard tomorrow, just for a review that everything is alright. I was more anxious with Ryan, but now, have been able to keep my cool with Megan. At least I do not sweat excessively whenever she cries! With Ryan, I had to keep my hanky by my side whenever he cried because I would look like I am bathing!

And oh ya, no MIL also mean that I have less to complain and that means I am happier this time round. Looking forward to Week 3 starting tomorrow, can't wait for the 4th week!!!

Prison Break

In the last couple of weeks, I have been hooked on Prison Break. It started the week I was back home at my mum's. Bro bought all the 3 seasons and we sat down to watch the first DVD - I was hooked!

Although this is not a new series, I never really fancied it because for one, it was a continuous drama and I hate to wait a week later to find out what happened and then the other reason was that it was supposedly quite dull (from what I heard).

But fortunately, it turned out to be quite exciting and I was even watching it in the hospital. The drama follows the story of brothers - one, an innocent man sentenced to death for a crime he was framed with and the other, a genius with a mind like no other who purposely got himself into the same prison as his brother in order to break him out. While it seems to be a relatively simple story, it has gone off on a different direction which leads to many questions and many many breath taking moments.

The drama cast is very good, with a good mix of characters and personalities. I really like Wentworth Miller - he has a very good set of eyes and a lean, mean figure. It also helps that his wardrobe in the movie brings out his built very well.

I am really looking forward to the 4th season, supposedly the last one they will have. When it comes out, you can be sure I will be hooked on it again. Hubby seems to think that it is a "bad" movie because it teaches people how to break out of prisons. My take? It's just a darn movie with a good looking actor, my dear!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Managing without my mum

I must admit that the thought of NOT having my mum around during my confinement had scare me a little initially. However, in the 24 hours that she has been gone, things are looking to be manageable. The only part which seems to allude me is the fact that I cannot cook like she does. My meals do not seem to be so aromatic and certainly not as hot as those she prepares.

I had to juggle between Megan and my cooking. Sometimes, she cries in the middle of my cooking and I have to go attend to her. By then time I am done, the food is already cold, but I eat it anyway, silently wishing my mum was here.

I am also missing the extra pair of hands which can miraculously cradle Megan to sleep. Yeah, I think her has scream of magic while mine seems to make Megan a little uncomfortable - don't know why though.

And oh yes, I am also missing her sometimes crazy actions - like when she actually went to buy 2 cans of Coke when I said I craved for it last week. She was like - "Aiya, if drinking Coke will kill you, then it would be the latest method in suicide la". And so I took a mouthful of it. Bliss.

Somehow, things without my mum are different. Hope the days go by quickly, I really want to get out of this confinement and go back to my mum's ...

Monday, January 19, 2009

My mum is leaving today

After 11 days with me, my mum will be leaving for home today.

She was here on the morning of my delivery and have stayed on ever since to help with the baby and me and the cooking bit, which was the main focus.

My mum was also with me the first time round and at that time, it was more hectic, with my double pains and a crying baby who demanded to be fed every hour. I also had more pantang food then because it was my first time and I was really in pain. Every pantang I hear of, I will keep to it. As a result, I was downright miserable!!

This time though, I decided that I should be happy undergoing my pantang period and not let myself be subjected to silly beliefs which would hamper my happiness and joy of welcoming the little one. Luckily, my mum was quite relaxed too as she herself did not undergo silly rituals and she is still healthy in her 60's.

Today, she will be going home to prepare for the CNY and I will be alone with my baby. It certainly feels different without her as she can be quite loud when she talks and that provides some energy in the house. Without her, the house can be quite quiet.

My dad came to KL last night to celebrate his birthday with us. He will be driving my mum home today. He also brought along kilos of ginger and black fungus and eggs for me. Together, they are an amazing pair. They are truly what being parents are all about. True, sometimes, they can also be less than angelic, but then, some parents couldn't care less too.

Thank you mum for all the hard work, thank you dad for all the effort too. I am sitting here wondering if I would do the same thing for Ryan and Megan when they have families of their own.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

After a week

So fast and it has been a week since Megan arrived. It seemed only yesterday that I went into that horrifying state of being uncertain and all. Thankfully, it all worked out.

So, what has been happening?

To begin with, life is a whole lot busier with a pre-schooler and a baby. This is especially during sleep time. I still have to manage Ryan and his reading sessions as well as putting him to bed. Hubby will then deal with Megan, or she will be asleep by then.

My wound does not hurt as much as before and I have been able to move around better. My tummy is about the same though - Ryan was wondering why after Megan is out, it is still so big.

Appetite wise, I think I am eating lesser than the previous confinement. Have no intention of getting fat, so have to control a bit more. But I do not feel like eating much anyway. Most of the things are soupy and not high in carbs.

The breastfeeding experience has also better this time. While I was struggling the last time, this time it was just easy. I don't think the infant formulae companies will like me very much.

Stamina wise, this time it is also better than the last time. I am not sure if it is because of gym, but I feel less tired and more strength to endure the day. Also, I feel more active this time, not really wanting to sleep or lie down etc.

Megan is a dear now, she eats, sleep and poop - most of the time. Her wake-up times are not much, she just takes in her surroundings and then she will cry for her milk and then doze off.

Ryan is also a dear, there does not seem to be ill feelings towards the sister. If at all, he has been very protective of her, but keeps on thinking that she will suddenly stand and play with him. So, there is a little mis-expectations there.

Overall, the week has gone by rather quickly. Tomorrow the stitches will be removed and Megan will be due for a review next week. Life with kids do zoom by quickly, which is why we should treasure every moment of it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Megan's arrival

Megan finally arrived on Friday at 10.40am weighing 3.92kg.

It was an eventful morning as I had a late night before - some cleaning and tidying to be done, apart from updates on blogs.

In the morning, I was up by 6am, but decided to stay in till about 6.30am. Then went to wake hubby up and packed some stuff up into the bags. Mum and dad arrived shortly and then brother came too. They were in charged of Ryan while hubby and I go to the hospital first.

We had intended to leave at about 7am, to be at the hospital at 8am. As usual, we were fashionably late and only left about 7.45am. Got to the hospital at about 8.30am, had to wait till about 9am to get myself into the ward - No. 314-1. The gynae was already looking for me - Mana itu orang??

I was a bit nervous when I arrived at the ward. A bit of me wanted to chicken out. I was really nervous when the clocked neared 10am and the anesthetist walked in telling me about the procedure and also asking if I am sure I do not want an epidural instead.

Then, the nurses came and took my pressure, fetal heart beat etc. Then I had to changed into the hospital gown. By 10am, they were wheeling me into the OT. My parents arrived shortly after with Ryan in tow. He was running towards me and refused to let me go. When I was finally wheeled in, he was screaming, my heart broke. I tried not to cry too, but it was so difficult. I was still emotional that morning, these pregnancy hormones were really running wild.

In the OT, the attendants were all very nice. I was pushed onto the operation table and then had my heart beat monitor all hooked up. Think they also monitored my pressure. The anesthetist walked in and told me it was time to sleep. My gynae was also in the house, though I cannot see him. Then I received 2 jabs on my left hand and I was given oxygen ... and then I was knocked out.

By the time I gained consciousness, my baby was out. I heard voices and tried to open my eyes. Some people were around me, nurses I think. I drifted in and out and when I finally opened my eyes,
I was in my room already. Earlier on, there were no single rooms, thankfully when I was out, one was available to me. Room 304. I must remember these details - they are pretty important to me personally.

I can't really remember who I saw first, my mum was definitely there and nobody saw my baby yet. My mum said everyone was there - hubby, Ryan, brother, mum and dad. Wonder why I had no recollection? But I remembered saying that I was in a lot of pain. After a while, I remember they brought my baby to me and then everything else was a blur.

She was bundled in pink and I was told she weigh slightly lesser than Ryan. I am thinking that had we waited till her due date, she would have been as heavy, if not more, than Ryan. Good, big babies are always easier to handle, esp. for someone as rough as me. I cannot remember the exact moment which I fed her, I only remember the whole day being a total daze to me. I distinctly remembered the pain.

I am not sure if it is an age thing or that this is the second op. Apparently the second time round can be more painful, not sure why though. With Ryan, I could get up the next day and started walking. This time, I was confined to the bed for 2 days before I could get up. The confinement to the bed is bad enough to break anybody's mood. It was terrible. Every movement spelt pain and every single shake to the bed brought vibrations to the body too.

Ryan was there the whole day when Megan arrived, so he was very excited. He kept touching and calling me and shaking my bed! It was so painful for me .... stressed me a little too. But Ryan was such a dear to me that I cannot bear to say otherwise to him.

When Ryan first saw Megan, I was worried about his reaction - would he slapped her? would he reject her? Thankfully, he was very receptive of her and also very proud of her. He kept saying "This is MY sister - Megan". He was also very excited about the present she brought him and he was very excited with the present he had prepared for her.

I had read about this gift exchange and decided to practice it. I had bought Ryan a Mickey Mouse Club house Mega Blocks assemble. It is his current favourite and figured he can share this with Megan later. And I got Ryan a box for him to put in his presents to Megan. He ended up putting some of his toys in it and said that he wants to share it with her. So sweet of him.

The entire hospital stay was a little stressful for me, esp. when everyone was in the room and Ryan running around. Hubby stayed on with me throughout the nights I was there while mum accompanied me in the afternoons. Ryan continued with school and on non-school days, he was with nanny. Megan was kept with me throughout the day and was sent back to the nursery at night. She was brought to me when she needs feeding though, so you can imagine all the interruptions I have during the night. I am thankful that I have great support this time and it helps to lessen the stress in the post op period.

I had to deal with the pain, nursing Megan, eating horrible hospital food and basically not being able to move around much. Imagine the me you know ... and then minus all the mobility out of me. Can you imagine how miserable I was?? And then there is the dependency on family members and the hospital staff - made me feel like I was totally useless at that time. Ryan's remark of nobody reading to him at night made everything felt even worse.

With most mothers, there is this worry about whether you would be able to feed your baby sufficiently. I had that question with Ryan, now my question is "What am I going to do with all these excess milk?"I had severe engorgement and it was really painful for me. I used all sorts of known methods to deal with it, but still, the problem persists. (I am happy to say that I feel better today though).

Monday came and I was really looking forward to going back. We finally left the hospital at about 1-ish. The first thing I did was to bathe and wash my hair. It was not exactly great, because I had to use herbal water, but definitely better than not bathing and washing at all!

The first day at home with Megan was also a little stressful for me, but till today, it seems to be working out fine. I am looking forward to a great motherhood experience with my little girl just as I had with Ryan.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Some more things on Ryan

Before I forget, there are some things Ryan said which amuses me to no end.

Just now I was putting up the cherry blossoms for CNY. He was very happy with it and said "Mummy, you did a very good job. I will give you a sticker."

Some nights ago, he was playing a game with the father. Ryan said "Good job papa, good try."

I think he learnt all these things from school where the teachers give positive feedback and remarks. We also try to enforce this. I am glad that he is picking up on the positives, I am just so proud of him.

9th January 2009 - The big day

It is now past midnight and in about 10 hours, my little one will be out.

We just came back from dinner at a place called Tea for Two, we had pasta with sangria and sinful chocolate cake. Ryan had a blast - he had like 4 scoops of ice-cream today, one at lunch and 3 at dinner. I guess I cannot help but spoil him a bit seeing that I do not want to be accused of being unfair to him when his sister arrives.

I was told that I would not be able to sleep tonight and that I will be extremely nervous. At the moment, I do not have these feelings - maybe the sangria is doing its job. Or maybe because I have been so busy the whole day, I just feel like I am ready to hit the sack anytime.

The whole 39 weeks has really sped by. And I have enjoyed every single moment of it. Sure, sometimes there are problems and tempers, but overall, I think this pregnancy is better than the last. At least I know what to expect.

Ryan has truly shown that he is a good kor-kor. He has been maturing with the pregnancy and now, I think he is ready to receive his sister. Just now he told me that he was afraid of his sister. When asked why, he said "Because I am afraid she will crawl away and I will lose her". That was so sweet of him. I don't think I talked like that when I had my brother. The entire thing seemed like a big blur to me. Ryan has also been very proud and talks about his sister to whoever is willing to listen. Everyone in school now knows the sister's name and when she is coming out. His pretence of having a baby too has been helping him understand the difficulties of having a big belly. I noticed whenever he has his bolster in his pants, he will have difficulties in sitting down too. So, he understands when I say I cannot sit on the floor because of my big belly.

Hubby has been very good this time round. Apart from not mentioning his mother in my pregnancy, there was also a show of good support. He may not always be by my side nor is he always on my side, but I guess time has helped us learn to understand each other better. His relationship with Ryan has improved tremendously in the last 12 months, not sure if it is because Ryan has grown up and is now more attached to his dad or his dad has matured and has grown more attached to the son. Either way, it is definitely more pleasant now. I just hope that the addition will add more zen to the relationship rather than create ripples.

Me? Well, I am the usual control and worry freak. I honestly am not surprised if my hair turns all white by the time I hit 40. With Ryan, I was more relaxed, not knowing anything better. With this one, I have most of the details thought through and worked out. I also worry more, having read more and realised more things. Not sure if being knowledgeable is a good thing. I heard once that a mother's love is like an apple tree. For every branch that grows out, there will always be a place for an apple to grow. Much like that, for every addition of the family, a mother's love will grow and nobody will be deprived of love, time maybe, but not the love showered on them.

With the adjustment phase setting in, this blog will take a break for a while till the adjustments are done and life picks up again.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

One more day to go ...

In less than 24 hours, I will be meeting my new baby.
How am I feeling?
Nervous, for one. Excited for another. And a little emotional every where else.

I had thought that a planned delivery would have been better seeing that I will be in control of the situation. However, upon reaching this moment, I cannot help but feel like I have robbed my baby of her own time to come. I also cannot help feeling like I have robbed Ryan of some deserving time with me. I know, I am really weird but I am thankful that I have them.

I am feeling a little emotional too, been weepy since last weekend, think my hormones are in an overdrive. I have been told that this is all normal with pregnant women, but I have not felt it before with Ryan. So, this is all new to me. Beside that, the nesting instinct is also in an overdrive. Am still cleaning for some strange reason despite not being able to move as easily.

It's almost 12noon now and I will leave to pick Ryan up from school. Been debating the whole morning if I should take him to lunch and then keep him with me the whole day seeing that after today, he will not have me solely to himself anymore, OR send him to nanny so that I can have some time on my own before the next challenging 12 months come to view.

.... think I will keep him with me - he is more important to me than my own alone time ....

Have to go now, will try to update a little more on my feelings for a keep sake to the little ones in the remaining time of the day.

Books I read in 2008

In 2008, I have mentally commited to read at least one book a month, which makes 12 books a year. Closing the year, I am missing one complete book!

Below is the list of books I have completed:

1. Miracles of a Mother's Hug
2. Why Men Can Only Do One Thing at a Time & Women Never Stop Talking
3. The Best Laid Plans
4. Breaking the Good Mom Myth
5. Loving without spoiling and 100 other timeless tips for raising terrific kids
6. The Winning Investment Habits of Warren Buffett & George Soros
7. The Richest Man in Babylon
8. Millionaire Next Door
9. Couplehood
10. Chicken Soup for the Romantic Soul
11. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow

I am actually quite happy with my list, seeing that before, I never really complete books. I just start and then think I can complete it, but usually end up not remembering where I have stopped! And it is amazing that I can read more with Ryan around than before.

This year, I am going to commit to reading 14 books, seeing that I have short of one last year and would like to up the quota by 1. A bit ambitious I think, seeing that I will be having an addition to the family, but then again .....

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Countdown - 2 nights to go

I have 2 more nights to go before I see my baby. My nesting instinct has been running havoc in me and I just cannot stop cleaning. Hubby remarked that I was stressing him out with all these cleaning and washing. My washing machine has been washing up to 3 loads a day and I am running out of places to hand the laundry .... dryer machine, here I come!!

This morning I spent a good 2 hours going through Ryan's toys and washing/ wiping them. Then I got to the study room and spent more hours going through my magazines and books. All the while with a wet cloth in hand.

With Ryan, this instinct did not surface and as a result, I had to come back to a messy house after I was discharged. This time, I had planned the cleaning out over 6 weeks and yet, with 2 nights more to go, I am still not done!!

How am I feeling? Big, to begin with, although I did not put in the minimum required weight. And I feel like I have a moving stone in my belly cause every single movement in there is felt up my spine. Luckily, these 2 nights I was able to sleep quite a bit. But I still wake up feeling tired. I really think that age has something to do with it.

And I have also been thinking about Coke quite frequently. So, I had one yesterday and was yearning for another today, but got it replaced with ABC. Ahh ... the coldness is just so so soothing.

Well, 2 more nights to go. Bags are packed. Ryan is well taken care off. Food preparation looks ok too. Should really be better than the last confinement. At least not wanted people are not staying in .... I am so bad!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Animals in the family

In the recent weeks, Ryan has taken to animals to identify himself and us.

It began with calling me a hippo and then to Melman and now, I am the mummy dinosaur while he is the baby dinosaur.

The way that he addresses us is so cute, for example "I love you mummy dinosaur" or he will say "I miss you mummy dinosaur" or, "Where is papa dinosaur?"

His dad sometimes is called a Giant too. And what is his baby sister called? "Baby baby dinosaur!"

Monday, January 5, 2009

First day at school 2009

Today is the first day of school. Ryan was fussing a little this morning, but in the end still managed to get him out with relatively little problems.

Today marks a brand new chapter in Ryan's school life - he moves up the school to an "upstairs" class and he begins a new adventure in reading and writing.

We went with him because Ryan had insisted on daddy and mummy to see his new class. Upon reaching, he spotted his class mate and took her hand. Despite asking him to wait for me, he proceeded with his friend and walked up to class without looking back!!!

Of course hubby and I still went up to see his class, but I do not think that he was aware of it since he was already busy with playing and talking to his friends. Hubby shrugged and then we left. Talk about how important we are!

Anyway, I am on leave and so I will be picking Ryan up from school and then head down to a fatty lunch before going home. I think I will leave him with nanny cause I am so sleep deprived now.

Looking forward to listening to his stories later today.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Orientation in school

Can you believe it? After so many years out of uni, I still have to attend an orientation session ... but this time it is for Ryan's brand new year in school.

Yup, it is his second year and I am feeling so proud of it. This morning, I attended Ryan's orientation session for the parents. Because it is his second year in the school, his class is separated from those 4 year olds who only started this year in the school. Their curriculum is supposedly more advanced. Boy, advanced is understated.

We were told that as opposed to the previous year, this year, they will be concentrating on writing and reading, no more the cutting and pasting and colouring. The kids will be having reading sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. They will be given a book where they will attempt to read from and then they will bring the book home where the parents will also have to sit and read with them.

There will also be individual reading sessions with the teacher so that they can be individually accessed. They will be exposed to phonetics so that they can learn to spell a word, before they begin to read. Phonetics wor ... I don't think my teachers even spoke to us about it! We just rambled along till we hit the right pronunciation.

Gym is on Tuesdays and PE is on Thursdays. So, they will need 2 sets of gym clothes, in case the clothes don't dry on time. Water play and cookery classes will be held once a month. They used to have water play every week and cookery once every couple of months.

Then there is also newspaper cutting and they are required to state why they chose the clipping, they have to bring stuff from home for show and tell sessions, preferably things they made on their own. They have to present all these things in front of the class to practise public speaking and overcome their fear and shyness.

And to top it all, apparently there will also be creative writing for them!! At 4 years old wor ... I have no clue how they will do creative writing, but I also trust that the school will deliver what they have promised to la, so I take it with good faith lor.

At the end of the session, I was feeling more stressed that the kid himself. A mum next to me said "It's ok, let the teacher stress herself, we just pay the money!" Haha ... ideal thinking, wait till the kid comes back with the materials and list of things to do ... I think I will faint from it all since creativity is not something I am born with.

And how does Ryan feel? Well, he proudly said "I am a big boy now, my class is upstairs. I am the big boy now. I say bye bye to KG3 already." Some things kids say, really no money can buy.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Another week to go

I have another week to go before my little baby arrives in my arms. I am terribly nervous and cannot seem to have all these things sorted in my mind.

Today, I went to the gynae's and he told me that the baby is not even engaged yet although I am 38 weeks along. This would have been very worrisome for me if I were to plan for a natural birth. Luckily, it is not a concern now, nor is the size. I actually put on 1 kg in the last 3 days! Scary, this one may be even bigger than Ryan!

I also proceeded to pre-register myself at the hospital, booking a single room for myself. It cost a little more but then I figured, it is not like I am going to give birth every year, right? So, why not pamper myself a little? For sure I can use the peace and quiet I will have. But then, it is not a guarantee that I will have it although I booked a week in advance. Let's see then.

I also found out that the total charges is enough to pay for Ryan's one and half years' worth of school fees. Hubby almost fell off his chair. Phew, delivering a kid is certainly not for the faint hearted, the charges are enough to just give you a fatal heart attack! This does not even include the amnio tests, triple tests, pre post natal checks, vitamins, maternity wear, nursing wear, baby kit, baby clothes etc. I was telling a friend that all these things are enough to just bankrupt us for life.

Stamina wise, I have been feeling tired a lot lately. But that has not stopped me from my nesting instinct, so I clean and clean and clean ... till my daily helper got a little stressed and told me to stop climbing up and down!!

Well, I guess that I have everything covered for now. The only thing is that I have to convince Ryan that it is ok when I stay at the hospital for a few days. He was insisting that he does not need his sister out and was happy to let her stay in my stomach because he does not want me to be apart from him. Poor guy was so sad yesterday when I told him that he cried ... and my hormones were in an overdrive and so, I also started to cry with him. Didn't help matters, so have to continue talking to him for the next one week and hopefully, he will be alright. .

And so, the countdown begins ....

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Wow, it has been a very quick 2008, and it is now 2009 already!

Last night, I had allowed Ryan to stay up to watch the fireworks and he was very excited about it. At first he said he was afraid because he had thought that we were going to KLCC for a close-up view.

I had thought about how we were going to celebrate the night and ended up having a DVD (Fantastic 4) to watch with the lights turned down, some chips, wine (juice for Ryan) and some cheese cake at the stroke of midnight.

It was a simple celebration but it meant a lot to us, me especially. It was so lovely to see all of us together and Ryan and hubby were shouting themselves hoarse with cheers of HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Looking forward to next year's celebration with the new addition to the family.

Happy New Year everyone!