Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Packing my bag

Well, one of the last things to do just before the big day arrives is to have my maternity bag packed. The last time we had Ryan, I do not remember having my bag packed, I just remembered we had most of what we needed, but I do not remember packing it ... strange.

This time, I googled about it and have most of the things I need on list. Tomorrow, I will start packing and have it ready in the car. I am pretty excited about this week and I am not sure how I will survive next week with all this anticipation.

A friend of mine just gave birth last Sunday and the night before, she was still wide awake and talking to me, telling me how nervous and excited she is and how sleep is not going to come soon. I had jokingly said I will get some wine to help with that potential problem.

I am also going to involve Ryan in this process, it will help him understand why mummy will not be around for a few days while I am in the hospital. I just hope that he will not feel like I have deserted him to be with his little sister.

Now, I just hope that the bag I have picked out is big enough to fill all the things I had planned on bringing.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Breastfeeding amongst Malaysians

Today's article in The Star highlighted that the rate of breastfeeding among Malaysian mothers is “very low” -- a mere 14.5% breastfeed their children up to six months, according to Health Ministry statistics.

I am feeling a little sad about these numbers. Having been a breastfeeding mother before, I find that there is still so much more we can do to improve these statistics. The obstacles highlighted here were mothers' ignorance, lack of support from family members/ healthcare providers, mothers returning too soon to the workforce and the availability of infant formulas everywhere telling the mothers that it is better than breast milk.

When Ryan came some years back, I had the exact same obstacles, but I also had a great lactation consultant whom I called and plead and cried to, even before I met her. Through her support and wisdom, I managed to make it through that horrible first week, and then, the confinement month, then 6 months later and then a year and finally, the God sent 2 years where I had not bought a single can of milk powder. Yeah, I don't think the milk company likes me very much. We only stopped breastfeeding completely when Ryan was 2 years and 11 months. The good doctor was very pleased and so was I. Hubby was extremely horrified when we started to buy milk powder - he wondered why they cost so much!!

I am not saying that mothers who choose not to breastfeed are bad, but what I am saying is that if only mothers were given more support, there would be many more who will succeed. We were led to believe that it is ok to substitute breast milk with infant formula, that a cow's milk is just as good as a mother's milk. Now, how can that be? and companies should stop saying that!

These new codes highlighted in the article are supposedly help in monitoring how the formula is advertised etc. But at the end of the day, if the healthcare providers do not start advocating it, there will not be any improvements.

There was a paed that I went to to get some cough syrup and the entire clinic was filled with every imaginable brand of infant formula there. Sure, there was a small rack set up to distribute leaflets about the goodness of mother's milk, but that was it. And if I were an unfortunate mother who goes there for that first jab for the baby, I would obviously have been convinced that formula will be just as good for the baby, minus the hassle of me waking up at night to feed frequently. With formula, the baby is also supposedly be able to sleep longer because the milk composition is harder to digest and thus the baby feels fuller, for a longer period of time. Now, why do you think having the baby feel fuller because of something that is more difficult to digest be better??

While writing this, I am feeling a little angry for all the little babies out there whose mothers were misled, angry with all the milk companies claming that their milk powder is the best, angry with all the healthcare providers who provides free samples of infant formula (I received 2 cans and they were thrown immediately), angry with the milk companies who have caused so much pain and suffering to the babies in China. Really, I am angry that the public see us nursing mums as freaks, thinking that there is something wrong with us for wanting to have this little thing latched on to us.

I can actually go on and on about this. But really, we have to stop thinking that we cannot breastfeed our babies because the doctor/ milk companies/ friends/ relatives etc. said so. We have to believe in ourselves and stand up for our rights, our babies' rights.

With my little one due in the next 2 weeks, I am determined to provide her what I have provided Ryan with - nutrition, love and plenty of tears. And that's about how motherhood is defined in the first place.

Friday, December 26, 2008

2 weeks more to go

Exactly 2 weeks from today, Ryan is scheduled to have his llittle sister in his hands.

I cannot wait for it to come. And hubby is a little stressed with the arrival of this little one because it coincides with CNY and work has been mouting for him. On top of the little one and me to care for, he also has to take care of Ryan and his school. And then there are his parents too ....

Thankfully, I will have my mum and the confinement lady around. Also, this time I am more prepared with the expectations, so I think I should be ok.

One thing though I am a little concerned with - is breastfeeding going to come easy to this little one compared to Ryan? Sure hope so, what with the recent increase in milk prices again ...

Books reading and stories telling

I have started to read to Ryan before he sleeps at night for a while now.

Before, it is usually I who will pick the book and he will see it together with me. Now, he is the one who will choose the books from the study room and then tell me which ones he wants. There are rhymes books, dinosaur books, games books, sticker books etc. It is amazing that he has more books than I used to have when I was a child. The thing is, I cannot stop buying them because these books also fascinate me!

Lately, Ryan has been asking for me to TELL him stories. And this means I have to spin something out. He will tell me what stories he wants to listen to. For example, these 2 nights has been stories about "Dogs". Yup, so I have to think about stories which has both moral values attached to it and some new words/ concepts that will help him learn more about the world around us. I must admit, it is no easy task, I am really lousy in this. Most times, I just ramble along, hoping that it makes sense to him.

Sometimes, Ryan will stop me and asks some questions. Sometimes he will ask me to re-pronounce the words, because I was slurring - I was sleepy ma ... and sometimes he will frown as he thinks about what I say. Nett, nett, it is a little stressful for me.

But all said and done, I am happy that he has gotten to this stage. It is very satisfying to know that the child is able to understand you and that he is able to question you too. Of course, I also get agitated at times, but then, I still love it.

Have you ever heard of the dog called Spot, who help recovered an old lady's stolen handbag and then got a medal from the police on his bravery? That was the story told just now before his afternoon nap time.

Wonder what tonight's topic is about ...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

What my little boy wants for Christmas

Last week, my parents brought Ryan to the church for a Christmas party. Initially, he was reluctant to go because he did not want to go without me (I was too big and the weather was too hot for me). And so he said “I already have one Christmas party in school, I don’t want another one.”

Just now, I was putting him to bed and said that he needs to sleep early because Santa will only come when he is asleep. His remark? “I already have one Santa from school and he already gave me a present, I don’t need another present.”

I am pretty proud with him right now. I am glad he is not greedy, well, at least not at this point in time.

And oh yes, he did go to the party eventually and he did enjoy himself. And I did get him a Christmas present and it will sit under the tree tomorrow greeting him in the morning.

And what does he really want for Christmas? His sister!

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Paying more for Hollywood movies

In today's papers, there was an article saying that movie goers may have to pay RM20 for a Hollywood movie versus RM12 for a local production.

The reason? To protect the local film industry. The Malaysian Film Producers Association thinks that by hiking the prices, Malaysians will then go watch the local films. And apparently all the 6 locally produced movies released during the school holidays under performed because they had to compete with Hollywood blockbusters.

Don't you just find this hilarious?? We are comparing movies like Wayang, Selamat Pagi Cinta, Antoo Fighter, Los & Faun, Cicakman 2: Planet Hitam and Histeria against Hollywood big-budget movies such as The Day The Earth Stood Still, Bolt, Twilight and Madagascar 2. Now, really, is there any comparison??

And to a question on why not decrease the ticket prices of local movies instead - it was deemed to be unfair wor. And someone from the association thinks that this move is timely because "... some of today's locally-made movies are on par with foreign movies in terms of quality." Haha ... really ah?

For me, I would NEVER pay even RM2 for a local production. I once went to one for FREE and walked out 30 minutes later. The standards are just not the same and they think that we will switch over once we have to pay RM20 for a Hollywood blockbuster?

Now, don't mistake me for bashing up the local film industry, I am all for the support of the local guys. And there has been some better ones made in recent years. It's just that I find it ridiculous for people to come out and say "let's hike the prices so that the movie goers will come watch us!" I mean, really? Will you go and watch Cicak Man instead of Bolt if you were made to pay RM20 for Bolt? I know I won't.

What I will probably do is to head down to the nearest DVD joint and get one copy for a fraction of the price and then get me and the family some popcorn and drinks and shut the lights and behold! a little cinema for ourselves, minus the insult these guys are trying to inflict onto me.

Another Jusco related post ...

Ok, I am not sure if they will remove/ ammend this link, but at the moment, it is hilarious. Click here to see what I mean.

I was trying to see what I could redeem with 10,000 points seeing that they will expire by the end of the year and I found that their item descriptions do not match the picture.

So, what they have done is to call an item 15kg Chrome Dumbell Set for 12,000 points, but showed a picture of a pink hair dryer. And another item called VALENTINO Ladies Handbag w/Purse but is a picture of a cordless phone.

Now, you would have read about my ordeal with them, plus something from Shopping & Sales Queen and now, I found out that even their website is stupid.

Honestly, someone should whack some sense into them about upkeeping their image perception because at the moment it sounds something like this - slow staff, silly policies, incompetent, badly managed website etc.

Hmm ... should I still venture to their store in an attempt to exchange my points? Wonder what stupid policies/ treatment will I be subjected to??

Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Christmas week

This week, I will be at my mum's place. It's Christmas week and I thought that it will be fun to stick around. My parents have a big Christmas tree that Ryan will have fun with - and that does not necessarily mean decorating it.

From the time we arrived last night till now, half the ornaments are missing. And all the streamers are on the floor - Ryan had used it to dance to the Christmas music!

I always enjoy myself here because mum usually takes care of the cooking and so, I do not need to think much. Besides, here I can really rest because I am not allowed to do much housework. I usually want to throw things away and hence, mum says "Stop!"

I also have additional pair of hands/ ears for Ryan and that is great since I am not the only who gets asked "Why? Why? Why?"

Hubby was a dear again for sending us to my mum's despite being tired from work last night. He has since left for home and he will be without us for the week. I am not sure if Ryan will start to whine for his daddy tonight like he usually does.But I take it as a sign that he is getting closer to his dad. It is great to see that although the whining can sometimes be too much to bear.

Anyway, after this week at my mum's, I will be back home with another 2 weeks to go before the new baby arrives. In that 2 weeks, we will have to finish all the cleaning, attend Ryan's orientation session and send him to his first day at KG4. A trip to the dentist is also scheduled, besides visits to the gynae. Phew, still so much to do!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thank you dear

Ryan was crying to go to the pool for many days now. I have told him that I cannot bring him because I am too big and also, I have been too tired.

This morning, his cries turned to wails. And it was heart breaking, although I did ignore him. I told hubby to come home earlier so that he can bring him to the pool. Ryan's wailing did not despite me explaining to him that it is dangerous for me to go to the pool, I might slip and fall. His response was that I can hold on to the raillings and then walk carefully. So sweet, but I was still reluctant to go.

I was counting on hubby to come back, usually he does not, because of various commitments and customers etc. However, today, he made it home in time for the little boy. Ryan was full of happiness and I am sure he enjoyed it very much.

Seeing the happiness they both had was just touching for a mother like me, esp. in my current pregnant state. Thank you dear for doing that for Ryan, for me.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

What a baby looks like to a 3 year old

WSL just got a niece and she was saying that they look alike when D was a baby.

I showed it to Ryan and his immediate reaction was "My sister will also look like that?" When I said yes, he said "Looks like a tiny rat, ya? My sister will look like a tiny rat, ya?"

So there, to a 3 year old, a baby looks like a tiny, little rat.

And I am still laughing ....

Things Ryan cares about

There are some things which Ryan say which are very funny. I have termed them as things he cares about simply because he keeps talking about it:

1) Whether his poo poo is going to be hard or soft when he is eating certain kind of food. He dreads getting hard poo, so this is his main question whenever he eats something.

2) Whether he/ the sister is growing well.

3) Whether watching TV/ computer will spoil his "beautiful eyes" - that is how he has termed it.

4) Whether his milk bottle has remnants of milk powder - he hates it. I used to love it when I was young, wonder why he has that reaction.

5) Whether the Halloween ball (this is a small soft toys which has some scary Halloween face on it) will become bigger (because I told him he has to behave, else this ball will become big).

6) Whether today is a school day or not.

7) Whether it is sleep/ nap time.

8) Whether his mouth will have worms/ bacteria after eating ice-cream/ chocolates etc.

9) Whether his food contains animals.

10) Whether he is a big ko-ko or not.

For each of these situations, his actions will depend on the answers provided. Most times it is funny how he reacts but I am happy with these few things that he is particular about. He has come a long way since he was a baby. I am looking forward to many more days of his development.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Reply from Jaya Jusco

Jusco replied to my mail which was sent yesterday after my unpleasant experience. Read here for the previous day's incidence.

Their reply was standard and it goes like this ...

Dear Sir/Mdm,

Thank you for contacting AEON Careline.

We have receive your email and we appreaciate for the suggestion/feedback.

With regards to the matter that you highlighted, on behalf of Jusco Mid Valley we sincerely apologise for the inconvinience caused.

Pleased be assured that the relavent department will look into this matter, and to ensure such incident would not be repeated again.

We appreciate if you could furnish us with a few details as required below in order for us to assist you better in future. 1) Contact Number 2) JCard (If any)

Rest assured that your best interest is our utmost priority.

For futher enquiries, please contact us at or 1-300-80-3535.
We looking forward to serving you better. Thank You.

See, the Engrand also wrong. My boy can speak better tenses than that.
I have already given them my contact number and JCard number ... let's see what they do about it.

And apparently, our best interest is ther utmost priority. Does that explain why I was told to go to their HQ to apply for a supplementary card for my husband??

Melman's spot

Today, I not only look like a hippo to my son, but he also asked why I have Melman's spots on my face.

I think I will stop him from watching anymore Madagascar so that he will not remember the lines!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I am sending this to Jaya Jusco

I had met with a friend for lunch just now and then proceeded to pick up some stuff at Jusco.

I have to say that when Jusco began its operations, the perception was that it was a mid to high end brand, what with being Japanese and all. Some even said that it was an expensive brand.

However, I thought that it was worth going there despite the reputation in exchange for a wider choice of products and brands. I was also convinced that the customer service was better.

Through the years, they have evolved to being a more mass brand. They even have their own house labels and the prices of these items, esp. the kids' PJs were good. Some of the promotions they ran were at prices cheaper than Carrefour or Giant. Great, all these savings are great for us consumers. But then the service standards also dropped.

Just now at the Mid Valley branch, the Jusco was a circus. First I went to the fruits section. There were 2 guards standing in front of the mango shelf. I was standing like half a foot from them attempting to choose my fruits. They did not even looked at me and proceeded to talk and talk, until I said "Excuse Me" and then, only did they got their fat bum away. Really, I am not sure if being thick skin and blind are criterias which were used to employ them.

And then I went to the supermarket and did my shopping in less than 30 mins. However, when I hit the queue section, I was shocked. How can there be such a long queue at 4.30pm? There were an average of 5-6 loaded carts at each of the 5 opened lanes. And the cashiers were taking their own sweet time to charge and bagged the stuff. On lanes with one person working was even more ridiculous. I am not sure if that is the fastest they were trained to work, or they just do not care.

At this particular Jusco, they have a PRIORITY LANE for the pregnant, wheel chair bound and the elderly folks. But there were a huge crowd there which DID NOT fulfill any of these criterias. And here I am queuing with the rest of the folks who really did not gave a damn about these priority lanes.

When I questioned why they cannot open more lanes (and it was clear that there were sufficient staff to operate them since they were hanging around their closed lanes), the person there just shrugged! And then I also asked why the priority lane is not serving its rightful customers ... the person told me that "Kita sudah ada papan tanda, tapi semua orang masih pergi sana." OMG, I almost smacked her - "Of course la, you have to enforce it ma, else what is the point of having a priority lane??" And the cashier there, together with another more senior looking cashier, just looked at me - without a note of apology or explanation!!!

Ok, I can accept that Malaysians are sometimes rude, illiterate and downright selfish, but that does not stop a company like Jusco to tick them off and only get the appropriate people in the priority lane!

Then I went to the kids section to buy some PJs for Ryan. When I asked where the boys' PJs are, this Malay sales girl just waved her hand, indicating it is somewhere at the end, near the cashier. I asked again if it was right, since I did not see it earlier ... she sighed loudly and then went to show it to me. Besides walking too fast, she actually took me a round - because she did not actually know, she had to ask. And this is despite her working at the kids' section.

And when I did see the PJs, it was in a total mess. All sizes and age groups were mixed up and we had to dig all of it up to get the sizes we want. It was pretty dusty too, so imagine what this will do to someone with a sinus problem?? And the queue at the counter is another story altogether ....

I think Jusco needs to do something to beat their staff in the right place. Cashiers who are sullen looking, working like they just started to handle a plastic bag or those who don't know where things are should be re-trained. Jusco has to know that there are plenty of choices today for us consumers and something like this will turn people away.

I know I will not go to Jusco again unless their diapers are dirt cheap, else I would be glad to pay a premium and shop at places like Isetan, Village Grocer, Jaya 33 etc. where the crowd is thinner and prices are slightly higher, but at least their customer service is relatively better. Also, I will not be subjected to a fictitious priority lane which does not work.

Yawn ...

Lately, sleep has been alluding me.

Although I am on leave now, I tend to get up earlier than when I was working. And I feel a little miserable during the day when I am super duper lethargic.

Hope sleep comes back to me quickly .....

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Eventful Saturday

On Saturday, I went for my routine gynae check-up with Ryan in tow. As usual, Saturdays are "bad traffic" days as there will be many many patients waiting. To kill 2 birds with one stone, I had gotten an appointment with the orthopaedic for my fingers aches.

With my gynae, Ryan was very excited to go because he was convinced that he was going to see his baby sister on that day. When the doctor put the tool (I cannot remember what it is called) on my tummy, we could hear the heart beat very clearly. Ryan was happy to hear it and was beaming all over his cute little face. But then he left the doc's office with a disappointment - his sister is not ready to come yet.

The visit to the orthopaedic was a little different because the doc had to administed a steroid jab into my fingers. Ryan was looking at me, looking out for signs of pain/ discomfot. In the end, everything went well, but Ryan was concerned with the blood that came out of my fingers. He kept asking if I was in pain.

Next on the list was a visit to Delicious at the Marc Service Residence. I figured that since Ryan had been so good, I would reward him with his cupcakes that he has been asking for. Also, that place is a little quiet, so I can live with it.

The lunch was good, we had pasta, cupcakes and hash browns. We also ordered water and a strawberry milkshake. I thought that even if Ryan does not end up with all the cupcakes, the shake and the hash brown could at least fill his tummy.

The pleasant thing was that Ryan DID manage to finish all 3 cupcakes, one hash brown and a third of my pasta. He even down a glass of water and half the shake. Lesson learnt: I can no longer afford to just order for one and have him share with me. I have to order for 2 and then sees him eating more than his share. And they say kids are not expensive ....

After filling our tummies, we were going to head home and sleep. This is where the "eventful" starts to kick in - my car battery went flat. And I mean really flat - not even a single sound was heard. All the lights went dead, even the car alarm did not work.

I was in a state of panic, I really hate these sorts of incidences. I called my hubby, then my brother, then some friends. In the end, I figured that the auto assist made more sense, after all, the services charges were borne by them, I only had to pay for the battery.

The horrible thing was that it was going to be another hour to wait before they get here. And seeing that I had no choice, I agreed. The wait itself was also eventful as I had to deal with a hyper kid running around the lobby, then my own body who was dying to lay down and sleep. Soon after, it began to rain and then Ryan had to poop and then he had to pee etc. When he finally settled himself, the mechanic came.

It took him about 10 mins to get the bonnet opened and figure where things were. Then another 10 mins to conclude that my battery is really flat beyond any jump start chance. He then proceeded to change the battery, this took like another 15mins. All these while, I must say that Ryan was very well behaved despite being so late in the afternoon and all the discomfort we were facing. Finally, all was done. It was already 2 hours since this ordeal started.

We drove out on the street - and it was jammed. Really jammed at 4.30pm - why do people automatically slow down when there is rain??? We got home at about 5pm, tired, worn out, agitated, looking forward to a clean bath. Ryan fell asleep soon after while I pondered over the happenings of the whole day.

I was still feeling tired, but could not sleep. Rain continued and it was all dark and gloomy. I am glad that Ryan was well behaved the entire day, I was glad that I had been well fed before the battery died on me, I was glad that it had happened in a nice basement instead of the car park at the hospital, I was thankful that there was an ATM machine in the lobby so I had no problems in paying the mechanic. I was thankful that the auto assist came on time, that he was patient and that he had to go through the rain in his raincoat on his bike to come to me.

In the end, I think the main lesson was that although some things do happen to us in the most unexpected way, if we look hard enough, there are always things that we can be thankful about.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Oh No! I AM a hippo!

Just as Ryan correctly predicted that he is going to have a sister, he also correctly predicted that I AM a hippo, not only look like one, but also eating like one!!

I just finished 6 "siew mai" all by myself. I had to shoo hubby away from my food. And after finishing that, my stomach is still growling.

And I think I had better go to sleep now, else I will start on my ice cream. And I also had this sudden flash of Coke going across my mind.

OMG! I AM a hippo!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

I think my baby has engaged!

Technically, I am supposed to be in Week 34, 35, thereabouts. The last I checked, the baby has not engaged itself yet.

However, this morning, I had gone on another shopping spree again with hubby, parents, brother and Ryan. After 6 hours of shopping, I think the baby decided that the exercise was enough to put her into the engage mode.

I was walking and then I heard a "Click", rather loudly as I was also able to hear it. Then it struck me, I think the baby's head had gone into the deeper end of my uterus. I am quite sure of it and hubby was quite shocked that I could just continue walking and walking.

I would know about it by this Saturday when the gynae will give me another round of assessment about how far I am into this pregnancy.

Till then I guess.

Of spots and sorts

Yesterday, my parents were down in KL for some shopping. We had a good dinner at the newly opened Food Garden at The Gardens - relatively cheap and filling.

We then proceed to Isetan as hubby had wanted me to buy him a wallet. According to him, it is considered to be good luck for a pregnant lady to buy wallets for family members. Just to save me the need to walk up and down again, I had my parents down so that they too can buy their wallets. We ended up buying 3 wallets for hubby and one for my dad.

Mum was happy not to have any seeing that she still has 6 in her stock. So, she helped take care of Ryan while I went round paying the bills. Mum said that he was naming her all the main characters in the Madagascar and he was going on and on about it.

Hubby got me a perfume from Estee as a Christmas gift - I had originally wanted 5 lipsticks in a set, but I think this was much better.

We then went home and stopped at a mini market to buy some food - I was already hungry by then. Traffic had been slow when exiting Mid Valley, that did not help to the fact that my stomach was growling.

While dad and hubby went to get food, Ryan was talking to mum. Mum had asked "Poh Poh pretty or not?" Ryan was quick to answer "No." When probed with a "Why", he responded by saying "You, see, you got spots on your face!" I could not help but burst out laughing. I know, it is not funny to have him say that, but my mum also thought it was funny.

And guess, where he got that from?? Madagascar!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Conversations about Auntie SL

This was a conversation I had with SL when I was sick the other day. It was one of those things that make me smile everytime I think of certain people.

Ryan seems to have developed an unexpected liking to SL, despite her thinking that he used to be anti-her at one time.

Now, Ryan talks about SL quite a bit and usually, out of the blue too!

What does the sun look like?

Ryan did this last night.

He had placed a ball in the middle of an overturned stool and declared that to be the sun.
Then he put the green pieces of a dominoes puzzle by the side to make it his "steering wheel". Yup, so at any point in time, depending on where you want to take the sun, you just have to touch the dominoes pieces and it will steer you in the right direction!

So, to a 3 and a half year old, the sun does look pretty easy to him, what's more, you can even control its direction!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Madagascar 2 - Escape 2 Africa

Last weekend, we went to watch Madagascar 2 and Ryan thoroughly enjoyed himself. It was the first time that he got a seat on his own - at half the price!

The main cast were a lion, a hippo, a zebra and a giraffe. After watching the movie, Ryan was grinning when he said this to me "Mummy, you look like the hippo, your stomach is so big!"

There, so much for being pregnant and trying to look pretty at the same time. After all that effort, my son thinks I look like a hippo!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

My Starbucks 2009 diary

I have attempted to sustain a diary for many many years now and I have always been very disappointed with myself for not being able to do that successfully. The excitement of it all - finding a new diary, filling out the details, putting in the important dates etc - usually fizzles out by the third day or so. And then I wonder, what had started it all.

Last year, there was this motivation tape that I was listening to which prompted me to re-think about the entire concept of diary as I know it. Instead of just writing in the history of the day, it should also contain future actions, plans, concepts, little things that excites me, memories etc. And so, I looked around.

One day at Starbucks, I was buying one of my "once in a blue moon" coffe and this little diary was staring at me. And I knew I just had to have it. After downing many litres of coffee, I got my hands on this. And I have managed to sustain this for 2008. Look how worn out it is now? I had to tape the sides together so that it will still bind together!

For 2009, I again embarked on a search for my ideal diary, one that probably says "Busy mum's diary" or "Diary for the woman on the go". As if to answer my call, today, there was a Starbucks ad in The Sun which was promoting their diaries - pay RM18 on top of a grande drink - and you will get this leather bound diary.
I was very excited and spent a good 30 minutes marvelling at the diary before putting in those little details on contacts, important dates, leave plan etc.
The next thing to put in? My 2009 resolutions - and this is something I have always put up, but cannot achieve. In 2009, I will have the achievement of my resolution as my top top priority. And it cannot get any easier than penning it down in my lovely Starbucks diary.

Books Books Books

At the beginning of 2008, I have decided that I would complete at least ONE book a month. This is to make up all those years I had spent working and not catching up with the wonderful world of books.

To date I have only completed 8 books and I have exactly 1 month to go before the end of 2008 is here. And so, how am I going to complete all these books by then??