Sunday, April 18, 2010

Megan today

Megan is now past her 15th month and it has been a joy to have her around. Among her many amusing ways are:

1) She is a no care in the world girl. If she falls, she will pick herself right up and the world goes on for her. Sometimes, she will wail if it got too much, else she will move right along.

2) She can be wet from playing with water, messy after a meal or even sweaty from so much running, but none of these things will bother her ... seems like she can glide through the messiest of messy.

3) She has this habit of hanging out her right leg over her high chair and she will shake it while eating. Bad habit I know, but it is really funny, always makes me smile secretly.

4) She thoroughly enjoys her food. She is not afraid to eat with her hands, elbows, fingers etc. so long as the food gets into her mouth! And she slurps her noodles in and flashes you a big smile!

5) She is feisty. Fights with her brother and usually uses her nail and scratch you like a cat! Don't get near her when she is in this mood!

6) Last week, we went for a swim and she cannot wait to get out of her float and into the water. She literally jumped into the water without any float, arm floats etc. Gave her brother a real scare! Now, she has taken to arm floats and swims around with ease.

7) Brother's dog really likes her. Maybe because he can identify with a her. Puppy = toddler. And she is also into the pup, except when she is too near her too often. That is when she will turn around a slap him a bit.

8) She also babbles and attempts to talk a lot, a lot, a lot. I am soon going to have to tape her up!

Baby Megan is growing so well, she is now really a darling to be with. Looking forward to her growth tomorrow.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Lost my child in Ikea

Yesterday, I was at Ikea with Auntie M with the kids. We figured, between the 2 of us, we can take care of the kids. I wanted to get some accessories for the wardrobes.

Somewhere in the middle, the kids were bored and Megan wanted her milk. I then carried her and Ryan was between Auntie M and I. Between Megan in my hands and trying to find my stuff, Ryan was getting a little restless and he wandered off. Before anyone start to scold me, understand that I will never leave him unattended. He was about within my ear shot because I heard him talking to me.

And then, at the blink of an eye, he was gone. I started to get anxious and then, I panic. He could not have wandered far and we tried in vain to look for him. I finally approached a Ikea personnel and said that I had lost my child.

She calmly phoned customer service. And then, it happened - my phone rang together with the announcement over the PA system "We have a Chinese boy aged 5 years named Ryan with a red Ben 10 shirt here". My heart almost stopped.

The man on the other side of the line told me "Miss, we have your son here".

Apparently he walked off when we were talking and then, after a few turns, he was lost and cried out for me. The Ikea personnel figured he was lost and so, led him to the customer service centre where he gave her my phone number, his name and age.

The lady said he was so clever when I collected him. My poor baby was all traumatized and he was silent for a good 30 minutes or so. I was beside myself and could not resist giving him a lecture. Auntie M came shortly and told him about bad people who cut limbs etc. of kids.

After all that, I must admit that I was proud that he could talk so calmly and could also remember my number in those times of panic.

I will now think more before taking them along with me to these types of places. I cannot imagine what would have happened if I could not find him.

Bless him. And thank goodness for the staff of Ikea. Thank you.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My baby calls me MA-MA

Being a mother is one thing, but having hear your baby acknowledging it by calling you so is another thing altogether.

Megan is now close to 15 months old and she called me the first time, very clearly, last Friday night when I came home.

She flashed me her big smile and said "Ma-Ma". Sweetest thing ever. Made all the cries and pain tolerable now.

On Sunday afternoon, she heard her daddy come through the door while we were getting ready for our afternoon nap. She said "Da-dy". Her daddy did not hear it, but I did and I just want to hold on to that for a while before I let it out to him.

My baby, she finally acknowledges me.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

How my kids delight me

In one of those horrible tired days, my kids delight me in so many ways. Amongst them ...

RYAN: Mum, let's play hide and seek.
ME: No, of course not.
RYAN: Why?
ME: Cause I am too big and I have no where to hide.
RYAN: Aiya, you just hide somewhere lo, your stomach is so soft, people will think it is a pillow!
ME: *not sure I should cry or laugh*

But I should go to the gym more often!

In another, I was on the floor lazing around when Megan came to me grinning away and then proceeded to SIT on my tummy. Then, she decided it was more fun to bounce up and down on me!

Now, she is not exactly light and my tummy is not exactly toned, and so, the pain is truly felt! When I push her off, she comes right back at me, grinning. On top of that, she has discovered that it is more fun to poke my navel than hers!

Her ko-ko is of course finding this all amusing and is rolling off the bed laughing!