Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pink and dress

This morning I told Ryan that we would be going to buy the baby some clothes.
He was happy and agreed to come along too.
I had asked what colours should we be buying .... he thought about it for a while and then said '"PINK!" When asked why he said that ... he said "Only girls wear pink and only girls wear dress!"

Hmm ... looks like I have to teach him a thing or two about colours and gender.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Singapore Night Race

Yesterday, a new chapter unfolded in F1 racing. And Singapore got to be part of that history.
It was the first night race held and it was in Asia!

I tried to watch as much as i could, but trying to share the TV with a 3 year old who thinks Mickey Mouse is talking to him can be quite a task.

I am enjoying the replay now and it was indeed quite a race. The Ferrari team must have felt quite a let down - Massa sped off with the fuel pump in his car and Raikkonen banged a wall in the last 4 laps. Ferrari used to be my favourite team when Shumey was there. Now, I just watch for the sheer excitement of it.

Looking forward to the next race .....

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Words Ryan can spell

Ryan has known his ABCs for some time now.

He now knows how to spell a few words ...


So there, hopefully he will learn more than that in the near future ; )

Saturday, September 20, 2008

17 September 2008

I should have blogged about this on the same day, but I was too tired.

17 September 2008 marks 12 years of hubby and I being together. It sure sounds like a very long time, but it really felt like it was just yesterday.

I always wonder if there will be another one next year. So far, it has been going on.

We went out to dinner that night, with Ryan too. Before we were married, we used to go on elaborate dates with movies and dinners and usually long walks. And we had gifts exchange too. But then we got the kid and all the stress of everyday life and all the long walks and gifts were exchanged with just a simple dinner with a cranky kid. I am not complaining, but neither am I terribly thrilled with it. But then, to put things into perspective, this is actually something good.

I mean after 12 years, do I realistically think that I no longer want the long walks and dinners and movies etc. Instead, I want something realistic, something real, something full of stress and something meaningful ... I supposed I am still discovering about it now.

Until next year, here's to 12 years of relationship.

Monday, September 15, 2008

I have baby too!

in the last few days, Ryan has been having this thing abut putting in a bolster into his pants. And it must be 'big pants" in order that he is able to put the entire bolster in it.

The reason?

Well, at first he says that he has a baby in his stomach (much like mummy). Then I think he got a little shy from that and then he said it was a big diaper. But he admits that this big diaper is not very useful because he cannot wee wee into it.

Then last night, he said that he has a "bear bear" in it. I think he wanted to say baby, but was too shy.

And oh yes, he seems to be having difficulties in sitting too, he says because it is too big.

Imagination, the world flourishes because of it.

Afternoon without diapers

Nanny told me some months ago that Ryan has been sleeping in the afternoon without his diapers. I was impressed. It meant that she was diligent enough to wake him up and then take the risk of him not re-sleeping. I had none of those thoughts. I figured that when the time comes, he would know to let me know.

However, yesterday afternoon, Ryan said himself that he did not want the diapers. So, I tried. And it worked! After about 30 mins, he woke up himself and decided that he wanted to wee wee and then 5 mins later, he was back to sleep for another 1.5 hours! Wow!

And then I got greedy and tried to repeat the same success at night. No such luck, he peed after 1 hour and the whole bed was wet. So much for being diaper free at night and saving me a few bucks.

But anyway, I will try again this Friday night, I will have more flexibility to stay up a little and also to wake up more often without risking myself to naps in the afternoon at work.

Anyhow, it was a big step for me with Ryan.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

This is my magic finger

Ryan has this habit about pointing at people when he talks, especially if he is angry/ annoyed. I am thinking that I may also have an influence on this ...

Yesterday, over dinner, he was trying to tell his father not to buy him the blue Doremon sweet anymore (which came with the cake) because I had told him that the blue colour on his mouth will attract the blue eyed monster to eat his teeth.

And so, he pointed his little finger to his father and said sternly "Dad, don't buy me this sweet anymore!". Before anybody started shouting, I told Ryan not to point ... to which he said "I am not pointing, this is my magic finger. This is to put magic on papa. This is my magic stick. Pipety, poppity poo1!"

I laughed out loud (although I am not supposed to since this is a discipline issue, but then ...).
And this idea came about after he watched Cinderella on PHDC yesterday evening.

Wonder what he will come up with today.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ryan is sick too!

Ryan started to have fever and flu yesterday. He said that he was not feeling well and we gave him some medications. Although he slept through the night, he still woke up with a fever this morning.

He continued to be in a sleepy state throughout the visit to the doctor's and when we sent him to nanny's. I had felt bad leaving him there, but I myself needed to rest as well. I can already hear my mum saying that I should not have left him in the moments that he needs me. But I also know that a healthy mum will be more valueable to Ryan than a sick mum trying to cope with the tiredness and the stress.

Hopefully Ryan will be well tomorrow too.
I am going to fetch him now.

Me sick

I have been feeling down since last Friday and it finally came in full blown on Saturday when I went back to mum's. I had the typical flu symptoms, skin aching, fever, cough etc. etc.

Ryan was a dear with his constant appearance by my side asking me if I was feeling better and if I can already play with his toys. He would also come and touch my face and feel my forehead. At times he would also come and attempt to massage my temple, thinking I had headache. He was such a dear.

On Sunday, hubby came to mum's because I had said that I would not be able to drive home. He was a dear too, being around to take care of Ryan when I was stuck in bed. I had also been extremely dizzy and constantly coughing, but the both of them got on really well and I was pleased to have them around.

This illness is really getting me, I cannot take strong medicine, nor antibiotics. The doctor gave me 2 days off work and I have been resting well. Hubby was concerned for the little one in me.

Everyone has been great, mum made sure she dozed me with lots of soup and porridge. Dad made us some jelly and pau to bring home to.

Hopefully tomorrow I will feel better.