Sunday, December 19, 2010

I pulled out Ryan's tooth!

Yes, I did! I know, I am a little crazy not to have brought him to a proper dentist, but hey, I did mine on my own too many, many years ago.

I remember my first 2 front teeth extraction was done by some nurse at the local hospital. And I was rewarded with a bar of chocolates for being so brave.

Yesterday morning, Ryan's tooth was already half way out, it will fall anytime. Rather than miss it, I took a piece of thread and tied it to his tooth. After a couple of attempts to tie the thread, it was a go. One small yank and he did not even realised that the tooth was out! He was laughing all he way, think he was feeling scared and excited at the same time.

I had bought some gauze a day before, anticipating that this will happen over the weekend. He used 2 pieces and then it was cleaned. Good boy.

We made a small box to put his tooth in for the tooth fairy ... and I think she came ; ) But he is not up yet, so I am not sure how he will react to the little coins left to him. Yes, I became the tooth fairy - it will be another 19 times for him, 19 times for Megan (since she already lost one tooth) and hopefully, 20 times for the little one. Motherhood has so much to offer, but the challenges are unbelievable too!

I am so proud of Ryan - he is all grown up! And he was rewarded with a Elmo Play Doh set and a dinner at his favourite "cup cake" restaurant - Delicious.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My princess today

She is moving very quickly to her 2 year old mark now.I see her progress from a small tiny baby into an active, smiley, independent and strong willed girl.

She can take off and put on her shoes now, almost perfectly. She knows how to put them on the shoe rack and will take off her socks in the car or whenever she feels is irritating her.

She likes her cheese still and her pasta is usually eaten but will have bits of it stuck on her hair.She really adores food, no joke. And she is not afraid to try out new stuff.

She simply adores Ryan and will take after him, usually leaving me behind. And she gangs up with him too, against me.

She is also highly adaptable, sleeps easily and almost fuss free when sick.

She has now gotten some words together and can form phrases with her cute tongue sticking out when talking.

She recently also started to take on bears as her baby and carries one wherever she goes. It's quite cute really.

My princess Megan is a real joy to have around. May she have many more happy and healthy years ahead. I love you.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My hero is reaching another mile stone

Last night while changing Ryan for bed, he came to me with a worried look. And showed me his tooth, it was the bottom left incisor. It was loose. And he was a little alarmed. My little hero is growing up fast and I cannot stop it. I can only embrace it with all the challenges and moments in store. He had heard about tooth fairies and the money in exchange of the tooth and we look forward to that together. I am more excited than he is! I love you my little hero, in both the good and challenging times, although I still have to scold you.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Before it all hits me ...

There is a moment in the morning when I wake up and see my sleeping kids and am amazed at how much they have grown. I reflect and find myself wondering how they have made changes to my life. And then it hit me, they are not going to stay little for long, they will leave me one day and be on their own. And I resolve to be a great mum and be loving, and then one of them opens their eyes...and the day begins. Some days I cannot help but give in and marvel at them, others I cannot remember why I had them!! Before it all hits me, I say a little prayer - may they grow up happy and healthy, safe from harm and have the wisdom to live right. Thank you God.