Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I am one proud mummy!

Today while I was sending Ryan to school, his gym teacher stopped me on my way out. What she told me for the next 5 minutes or so made me beam from ear to ear.

Her first comment was that Ryan is a very nice boy. He is very caring, gentle and makes way for the others in his class. Not only that, he is also nice to the others during his day care session. This coming from a teacher who sees him 3 times a week for gym and sometimes in the afternoon for day care. I'd like to think that it is sufficient a time for her to know him in the last 2+ years that he is in school.

When I think about all the time that Ryan has been with his sister, I do see him as a gentle soul. Of course, there are those times when he can be a terror. But I think one should expect to have some downs to compensate all the ups that you will get when you have kids.

Whatever it is, I am one proud mummy today!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chinese New Year once again

The year has flown by very quickly.

And while many may sigh, I choose to think it is because we are healthy and therefore, time moves quickly for us. And that is a good sign.

So many changes happened in the Year of the Ox - Megan came into the family, we bought a landed house for the growing kids, financials have been in place, I chose a new route for my destination and I an very happy with the way things worked out.

Sure, there were challenges and there were problems and tears. Throughout the year, laughter has managed to tame many unpleasant situations.

I have been unable to keep up with the many events that has been happening but I am thinking of blogging it over the next one week or so and back date it to the days when it happened. I know, I know, I am cheating, but really, I wish I had 34 hours a day you know.

For now, at this hour, I am attempting to clear some of my mails etc. ... it is really a daunting act.

And tomorrow, I have many many errands to run. Looking forward to it though.

Have a blast!