Saturday, August 25, 2007

Yes, No and Can according to Ryan

Some major developments for Ryan:

1) As of 2 months ago, every time I ask Ryan a Yes/ No question, I will always try to get him to respond with either a Yes or a No. It the beginning, it was difficult to get a response cause he may not have fully understood the concept of Yes/ No.

However, recently he has been able to communicate clearly what he wants with a strong Yes or No. I am so proud of him although it can get a little annoying when I actually want him to say Yes (like in the case of him brushing his teeth) and he decides to say No!

2) His Yes responses lead to another development which came about last weekend. Last Saturday Ryan was playing on the bed when I called out to him.He looked up and replied "Yes?" Wah, this is the first time that he has answered my call. It used to be just looking up, so it can be a problem when I am not physically around him and he "looks" at my voice. Now that problem is gone!

Truly, the magic of a kid growing up is really amazing.

3) If there is one thing a kid knows, is that there is no such thing as Cannot, really. They will attempt and attempt and attempt till there is really no way, then they will howl for you to help.

In an attempt to help Ryan steer clear of this frustrations, I have always encouraged him to try and when he fails, I just say "never mind, try again".

Sometimes he will try again, other times he will just answer "Cannot!" And everytime I will say "Can, Ryan try again". Now, when Ryan asks for something and we say "Cannot" ... he will tells us "Cannnnn..." I am stumped!

Monday, August 20, 2007

We wah we wah wah too too, wah too too

This morning Ryan was singing "We want we want Gymbo, Gymbo" to the music of We will rock you.I am so pleased.

He has actually be singing this in his own words for some weeks now. It's just that we did not know what it was since it went something like this "We wah we wah wah too too, wah too too".

After some baffling weeks, I managed to interpret it yesterday when he was in Gymboree and this song came when they "called out" for Gymbo.

Whoever says that paying money for these classes is a waste - it is not true when you compare what you pay and what your child gets out of it.

Really, there is really no price for a child's development.