Thursday, February 28, 2008

Why? Where? What? How?

I have long feared the day when Ryan would start asking me questions I cannot answer.

This came through some months back when Ryan first started to ask "Why?" Actually, it did not start with "Why?" .... it started with "Huh?", then proceeded to "Why?"

Now, Ryan's questions are a little more sophisticated.

Me: Ok, it's time to sleep already. Come one.
Ryan: Sleep where?
Me: Sleep on the bed.
Ryan: Sleep already, do what?
Me: Sleep already, then get up go to school.
Ryan: Go to school do what?
Me: Go to school to learn A-B-C, count 1-2-3
Ryan: Learn A-B-C for what?
Me: So that Ryan can read lor.
Ryan: Read what?
Me: Read story books
Ryan: Read story books for what?

You see, this line of questioning will never end, never. It will carry on and on and on till something distracts him, or till I lose my patience, which is quite rare.

Sometimes, when I think about my conversations with Ryan, I reflect on the day he was born. My little baby is growing up so quickly!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Diaper free

Ok I have to admit. I am one of those mothers who would happily let the kid to use diapers until one fine day the kid gets up and says "No more diapers!" Yes, I am that lazy.

Fortunately, my nanny toilet trained Ryan from young, think sometime before he was 2 and he has been diaper free in the daytime for a while now.

When Ryan started school, the diaper usage doubled cause he had to use it in school and at night.
Thankfully, in the second month, the teacher said that Ryan could indicate when he had to use the toilet and that he was ready to come out of the diaper. And so I tried. For the past 2 weeks, there has only been 2 accidents. Other than that, he is completely on his own, without the diaper.

I am happy that all this is turning out well and our diaper usage is back to normal - 2 pieces a day.

Now, how can I ensure that he does not use diapers at night leh??

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I am FAT

I am not sure if age has a hand in this but I think that I tend to put on weight faster as I age. Really.

The first time that weight showed up was when I went to uni. Most of my friends lost weight because they could not adapt to the cooking and life. Me, I just went with the flow and was actually very happy and of course, I put on weight. All those nightly meetings did not do me any good because the "jamuan" after was usually too good to resist. Even if you could, your stomach would be growling. And so, the damage started.

Then when I was working on my first job, I was so stressed, I just ate and ate. Of course I put on weight too : ( Lucklily when it was near my wedding, I lost most of the weight I put on when I was working and so it was ok .... for a while.

Since Ryan was born, I too put on some weight although my excuse then was that I could not diet - else Ryan would have no source of nutrition! However, I did lose some weight and it seems harder this time round compared to when I was younger.

Now, I join the gym with the intention to lose some weight. But all I did was increase my stamina, but the weight seems to be still there!!! I am getting a little frustrated now.

However, the good side is my husband think I did not put on any weight. Although I know it is a terrible lie, it makes me feel less bad ..... ok, ok, I am silly.

Chinese New Year resolution #1 - Hit the gym and lose the fat!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Almost the end now ....

Ok, so we have cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and spent and spent and spent ... so what now?

We are coming to the 13th day of the Lunar month and CNY will be over in 2 days when we celebrate Chap Goh Mei. In the past years, the end of the celebration makes me a little depressed cause I am wondering why I spent all the money and I would really regret it.

However, this year, I decided that I would only spend on the necessary and not over spend and cause myself all this misery. As a result, I fell happy throughout the celebrations knowing that I do not need to pay all those credit cards.

The only small regret I have this year is that I MAY have bought too much cookies. Looking at them now makes me want to eat all of them and I know I will really kill myself when I see the scale. So next year, I am going to buy lesser of the cookies and perhaps save myself from all those calorie guilt. ; )

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

2 more days ...

In 2 days' time, CNY will be here .... and my house is still in a mess.

Yesterday I cleaned my shoe cabinet .... did not know I had so many empty shoe boxes around!

Like WSL, I promise myself EVERY YEAR, I will clean diligently .... and like most people, cleaning is the furtherest from our mnds when that time comes : )

Happy cleaning!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

CNY and house mess

For the last 3 decades, I have always been cleaning and cleaning the house before CNY ... sometimes right up to the night before and it is bloody tiring!!!

I am not sure if I should be thankful for this or not since I know I would not be so diligently cleaning if there is not an occasion to look forward to, but on the other hand, I do not want to be so tired of cleaning and cleaning and cleaning!!

Yesterday was a public holiday and I spent the first half buying stuff to help organize the cleaning and the other half actually cleaning and cleaning. Till today, I have been able to throw a lot of stuff out and have been making trips back and forth to the rubbish bin outside. Think Ryan also tire himself out seeing me doing this!

And I am not sure I would entrust someone else to do this cleaning for me since I know that person will never throw my things without asking me and then it ends up almost as if I am the one doing it right?

Anyway, the rooms are done now. Will work on the shoe cabinets tomorrow and the kitchen too.

Sometimes I wonder why we go through all these for the sake of 2 days??? of which I may not be at home anyway!!!