Saturday, March 29, 2008

Funny phrases

The following phrases came in the last week:

1) Ryan was playing his gun (I did not buy this, a friend did) and his daddy said "What a nice machine gun you have (actually it is not a machine gun, hubby was just chidding him)!"

Ryan - "No la, this is a power gun, not machine gun. See, I got power, I can shoot you!" Ok, so I know it is a little violent, but it was really funny.

2) I was feeding him his dinner yesterday and then when he refused, I said that I was sad.

Ryan - "No, no, don't be sad. I buy you lollipop ok?" I never did this ... don't know where he learnt it from.

3) 2 days ago, Ryan's kinddy had a farewell party for one of the teachers. I asked him about it when he came back.

Ryan - "yes, school got party for Ryan."
Me - "Huh? School got party for Ryan, why?"
Ryan - "Yes, because Ryan got no party, so the school give party to Ryan"

I am not sure why he was expecting a party, but his logic was that because he does not have it, therefore the school got him one!

4) On Wednesday night, I was in the car with Ryan when he spoke to my mum. He was telling her that he had shouted to the nanny's husband because he was angry.

Mum - "Why you shouted at uncle? Po Po told you cannot shout at people ma. Must say sorry ok?"
Ryan - "NO! Ryan not sorry!"

*Doink* He actually knows what it means!!

Looking forward to another week of development.

My apologies

If there ever was an award for the most horrible mum, I am sure I would have earned it.
I mean, I love Ryan very very much, he is my life and motivation. However, there are times when I really feel like smacking him really hard.

This morning I took him out to 1-Utama and then we had a look around and also to see if there was a great deal in FCUK. Turns out, there was not much that was exciting. I am not sure if it was because Ryan was constantly running around or because it was really not very exciting.

By the end of 3 hours, I was ready to smack him, really. Even in the car, whenever he starts to moan and whine, I will be screaming at him to keep quiet.

His reply "Why you talk so loudly??" Then I do not know whether to laugh or to continue to be angry.

What ever it is, I know sometimes I can lose my cool and be all agitated and annoyed. But after the day ends, or when he is asleep (like now), I will feel really sorry for losing my temper.

So, here is to Ryan - mummy is sorry mummy lost her cool. Will try to be a better mum when you wake up ok?

Sigh ... life as a mum is real hard.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What is your number?

If you go around town, you will see that Prudential has launched this campaign called "What is your retirement number?" ... or something along this line.

It is a fairly catchy question since I am sure everyone will also want to know their number. But not many people want to get involved in the process of discovering their numbers and so, many will approach their future with apprehension.

I am one of those people who constantly think about money - how to get more of it, how do I ensure my kid has enough of it for the basics in life, what do I do to make sure that I not only retire with the money I need, but also to be able to pass it on to my grandchildren etc. ... constantly, I think about these type of questions.

One of my biggest fear is that I need to depend on someone else when I retire. I am sure that is not a nice feeling and I really do not want to come to that situation. I want to approach life with anticipation, not apprehension.

And so, I have taken proactive steps to know what my number is. I have taken some baby steps, not quite ready to take mummy steps though. Nonetheless, I have began my search to finding out my number when I reach 55 years old, or maybe younger, if possible.

And so my friends, what is your number?

Argh!!! Not enough time!!!

There is a Chinese saying that goes "Broad eyes, narrow stomach". This means that we generally order or cook more than we can eat ... meaning that we are greedy.

Fortunately this does not happen to me food wise. Unfortunately, it happens to me in 2 main areas of my life - buying books and activities carried out in a day.

Reading has been a hobby of mine since the day I knew my ABCs. But it recently grew into a major problem for me because I am running out of space on my shelves. And so I am constantly cleaning and arranging and still, I do not have sufficient space.

What to do?? I bought some storage boxes from Ikea to store them ... and yet, I still have NO SPACE. It did not help that Ryan's books are also adding to the shelves. I love to read, hubby does not. But I would want to encourage Ryan from young and so, all these books that I had bought for him. To date, I am happy that Ryan is picking up on this good habit - another reason why the books need to keep coming!

The other problem I have is the activities I think I can do in a day. Someone wrote about the limited number of hours we have in a day and I began to think about my day. Every morning when I wake up, I already have a list in my head about what I need to do on that day. I usually get most of it done, and so I am ok. However, I have this bad habit about trying to push myself to do more and then I end up agitated and stressed out.

Example is that I think I can come home to cook for the family, clean the dishes, clean Ryan, feed Ryan, hang the clothes, iron them, tidy the sitting room, read to Ryan, put Ryan to sleep, plan for Ryan's food the next day, clean Ryan's bottles .... and then finally go through the letters - all this done between 8pm - 11pm. After that I will attempt to watch some TV (while clearing my old files) and then some reading before bed - when I am doing these things, I do not feel that it is a lot. But when I collapsed in bed and I reflect - sh**! I have done so much!!

And so recently, I started to only do things that matter for the night and leave others till tomorrow. It really irks me when I know I am going to bed with some things not done, but I think it is better than stressing me out totally.

Sigh, so many things to do, so little time.

Monday, March 10, 2008

March 8th 2008

On March 8th 2008, history was created in Malaysia through the 12th General Elections. Besides it being my first time to vote, it also is the first time since 1969 in Malaysian history that the Barisan Nasional failed to acquire its required 2/3 majority to rule the country.

Another thing ... 5 states fell to the Opposition. This has never happened before. Kelantan (as previous), Kedah, Penang, Perak and Selangor went to the Opposition and clearly the voice of the people has been loud and strong.

Some of those who were defeated were expected while some of them were a shocker. I am still in shock with the results of it all. I am also proud to say that Malaysians have come together for a common cause - to have the Government hear us, loud and clear.

I am curious to know how the marker will react to this news tomorrow. I am also curious to see how the Government will be formed. I am also curious how the next 4-5 years will shape up.

Whatever it is, this change should be a good thing for the democracy of the country. We have a renewed hope for our children.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Letter to the PM

In the newspaper yesterday, it was mentioned that the PM had a website which we could post our questions, suggestions, criticism, etc. and he will answer them personally.

Me, being the sceptical one, still wrote to the PM, all the time thinking that maybe I should give him a break.

My questions surrounded the education system we have, the quotas imposed in the universities and the quality of higher education in Malaysia.

When I pressed the SEND button, I was still thinking that maybe I was too harsh on the old man and I should give him a chance to answer me.

What luck, today I saw a mail from the guy himself. However, when I clicked on it, I was hugely disaapointed with the reply. It was just a jpg file which had his face on it with 3 sentences - thanking me for the mail, the assurance that what I wrote is taken into consideration and the fact that he/ or his clowns will contact me to follow-up.

It was not even a semi-customized mail, as in having a fixed format with certain insertions for name etc.

So disappointing. 2 beers for the correct guess of who I will vote tomorrow. Serious.

First party with friends

Ryan's birthday celebrations for the past 2 years was actually more for mummy to catch up with friends and have the families over for a get-together.

However, this year, I thought it would be much better for Ryan to be with his friends in school than to be in a party which boring mummy would host.

So, yesterday, after dropping him at school, I drove to the nearest Starbucks to have my coffee and fatty doughnut and sat for a while to reflect the day Ryan was born. I barely remember the pain now ... I only remember the first sight of him in the middle of the night.

I then picked up the chocolate cupcakes and his Mickey Mouse cake and headed for the school. There, the children were already anticipating my arrival and they were looking forward to the cup cakes. The principal told me that the whole school sang to him and Ryan graciously said "Thank you". I was beaming.

While waitting to go into his class, I peeped in to see that Ryan and his friends were asked to stand up in front of the class and sing a song of their choice. My little darling did that although he was a little soft. The whole idea was that the child is exposed to the concept of public speaking and therefore be confident in conducting themselves.

After that, I entered with the cakes and the party packs. At first, the kids were very quiet and only said "Thank you" whe Ryan handed out the cup cakes. However, when the party packs were handed out, the whole chaotic scene took place. And there was chocolate everywhere and the teachers had to keep track of where the little hands go!

Ryan had a match to see who can blow the hardest on the horns and those party stuff. Most of the kids licked the chocolate off and ignored the cake. Ryan did the same and I had to eat his stuff so that there is no wastage. An excuse I know.

As we were leaving, all the kids skipped out with the party packs and the parents were just as excited to hear about the party from their kids. In addition, they also baked ginger breadman cookies yesterday. What a lot of food!!

All in all, it was a good day. I hope Ryan can remember about it though.

Amusing remark

I forgot to put this down...

2 nights ago, when Ryan helped put together the party packs, we were going through the various people who would get them.

After the 5th pack, I ran out of names. He has 8 friends in this class. The only thing to do was to repeat the first name .... which was Michael. To which he lifted his head from the work he was doing and frowned while asking me "For Michael again ah?"

I laughed so hard, but he did not get the joke and continued to ask me the question again. To which I said "Yes, Michael gets 2". He was still frowning and trying to digest the reason for that. = )

He was so cute.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

3 years already

I saw my baby at about this time 3 years ago in the hospital.
I first breast feed him then.

Since then, he has been the joy of my life and the reason I am so motivated.
Truly, when a mother says that she lives for her child, she is not joking.

It really is a different and uplifting experience.
Looking forward to celebrating his birthday in school later today.

Ryan helped packed the party packs. He was such a good boy and did not attempt to take any of the things I planned to put inside ... except for a yellow baloon. : )
All through the packing, we talked about who the party packs were for and which one was his.
Think he is just as excited as I am about this.

Till the morning then.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

3rd birthday

I am not sure if I am the only mother who does this, but I am sure that I still love Ryan very much regardless.

When Ryan turned 1 year old, I held a dinner for nanny and us on the actual day with a birthday cake and another celebration several weeks later for the family and friends. We had a good time celebrating it and had good, fatty food. Ryan had a huge birthday cake and plenty of toys to play with. On his first birthday, we even had a photo shoot taken at Covershots.

Fast forward, on his second birthday, we had a photograher over to cover live shoots instead of a studio one. We also had the same 2-time celebration and had all the family and friends over for a weekend. Ryan had a big Elm cake and he was very excited about it too. Again, we also had a cake on the actual day.

In the next 2 days, Ryan will be celerating his 3rd birthday. However, this year, it is a little different. Due to logistics issues, Ryan will not be around this weekend and the next week. By the time he gets back, the birthday mood has subsided.

Therefore, I have decided that for this year, he will celebrate his actual birthday with his friends at the school. I have gotten him some cup cakes and healthy party pack for the other kids. I will also be around to photograph him and to shoot him on tape.

At night, I will host a steam boat dinner with bro and nanny and hopefully, have a great time. The cake at night is rectangle with Mickey Mouse on it. I willl take a photo and post it later. The cupcakes in the morning are chocolatey and small enough for little hands. I did not invite anyone over to celebrate. Just the few of us. I figured, all that matters is that he is happy and that he celebrates it with people who matters most to him - family and friends.