Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tech and us today

Technology today has such a tremendous influence on our lives, it is absolutely amazing.

I have friends whose kids are below 5 and they already have an ipod for their favourite songs and ipad for their kiddie books. While I am happy that songs and books are part of the package, I still believe that it is too much, too soon. Whatever happen to flipping (and occasionally tearing) pages of books and CDs blasting for all in the family to sing along?

My kids are still relatively less exposed to all the fast moving tech. The most is Ryan having our iphones for limited time to play some (monitored) games and the TV. Internet is allowed for, and it is also monitored with limited time. He has learned that once the time is up, there is no further discussion on it.

Megan is sometimes on the iphone, but usually she will throw it away when it is not responding to the way she wants it. Her big tech thing is the TV which plays Barnie and Elmo for her.

I remember when I had to apply for jobs fresh out of university, I had to type and print and then buy stamps and envelopes to send it. Now, it is on the website. For example, and other sites where you can go check out what they want and how to apply for it.

I remember too when I was small, having a pen pall was a big thing and I used to write to a friend in the UK and would wait weeks for a reply. Now, finding old friends is so easy through Facebook. No more waiting for weeks and no more limitation of space.

Ah yes, the wonders of tech. I think it is very much like fire - when tech is your servant, it is really wonderful, but when tech becomes the master, we are doomed.