Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nursery rhymes

When Ryan was a baby, there was a song which I would sing to him.
Now, I do not know the title of the song, but it goes like this ...

"Hush now baby don't say a word,
Mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird,
If that mockingbird can sing,
Mama's gonna buy you a diamond ring"

Some time back, Ryan would come to me and say "Mummy fan-cook Ryan".
For some days I was struggling with what he wanted to say till one day I sang this song, Ryan said happily "Mummy fan-cook Ryan ah" .... then I know ...

Till now I still cannot figure out which part of the song has any resemblance to the word fan-cook but he says it every time he wants this song.

Lately he has also begun t sing it and it is great to see him picking up words and rhythm. Other songs which he also sings are:
1) A-B-C-D ... all the way to NowI know my A-B-C, tell me what you think of me!
2) The above song
3) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
4) Row Row Row Your Boat - some parts of it
5) Baa Baa Black Sheep - some parts of it
6) Gymboree songs
7) Friends forever Gymboree album which contains one the most catchy songs ever regarding making friends ... Ryan took the cue and said he wants to go make friends.
8) Elmo song
9) If you are happy .... just started with this today.
10) El Divo somes - he will just mimic away.

The beauty of all this is that Ryan is learning to sing songs without actually realizing that he is actually learning and all this comes to him much easier.

Now I am looking forward to him going to the school and learning some songs for me!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Firat post meme

I got this from Suzette some days back.
The idea is to copy my very first post on my blog and compare to see if I have changed in any way - writing that is!

My first post was on 21st June 2005 under Ryan's blog on MSN spaces.

"This morning I woke up crying at 4am ... mummy could not pacify me so daddy had to take me out of the room to pacify me.
After an hour, I was still crying, so daddy brought me back to mummy for my 'milk milk'. I lay beside mummy gulping down my 'milk milk' while mummy fell asleep.
Later, I saw mummy waking up and looking at me ... I gave her one of my 'milky smiles'. I am sure she was very happy!
Tomorrow I am going to PD, to Poh Poh's place. Mummy is going to go to Avillion for her Department Away Day. I will miss mummy while she is gone."

I had started a blog with the intention to write down all my thoughts and experience with Ryan from his point of view. It started out just fine until one day I found that I have more to say from MY point, so I created one for myself here.

Then I decided that I want to combine both - much easier to manage, so here I am.
Now, I am not sure if I have improved, but I definitely have a more challenging time now putting my thoughts in the blog with Ryan around constantly trying to get a hold of my keyboard!

Looking back at my initial posts sure brings back sweet memories of my initial days of motherhood!

Amazing conversations wih Ryan

Some conversations we have which never fail to amuse and amaze me ...

Ryan: My shoulder pain pain ...
Me: Cut if off la ...
Ryan: No need, go see uncle doctor, get medicine because Ryan sick ...
Me: Ok lor ....
But actually there was nothing wrong with him, he just wanted some attention.

Me: Eat la, eat la, good good one ...
Ryan: No! I eat already! (Cantonese: Ngor sek pau cho)
Me: Eat la, eat la ...
Ryan: No! Otherwise I vomit ah!
This is when I try to get him to eat more.

Last week, at my parents' house, my dad bought Ryan a cup of ice-cream.
Me: Wah! Ryan eat so much ice-cream, stomach pain pain ah ...
Ryan: No! This one goong goong (grandpa) buy one, eat already won't pain pain one...
Me: Who say?
Ryan: I say one.
See, this one I cannot argue. It's just amazing how Ryan thinks through. If only all the people we work with thinks like a 2 year old.

My mum: Ryan, nah, eat this amachi (my mum could not prounouce properly)
Ryan: No, not amachi, omochi!!
My mum: Oh, I don't know ma. Omochi is it?
Ryan: Yes, omochi, not amachi.
My mum complained to me that a 60+ years old woman was corrected by a 2+ years old. Indeed Ryan is not shy to correct us when he believes he is right. So far, he is about 90% right in his correction. The other 10% he is clearly wrong but insist that he is still right!!

Truly amazing ...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

My name is ...

A friend once remarked that it must be terribly irritating for his kid to answer this questions repeatedly daily - "What is your name?"

Well, I must admit that I am guilty too. I always ask this question to Ryan.

2 nights ago on our way back from nanny's, the following conversation happened:
Me: What is your name?
Ryan: Pink!
Me: *Doink*

Monday, October 8, 2007

Mummy, I laff you too!

For months I have been repeating this phrase "I love you" to Ryan and have been teaching him on how to respond.

Most recently, when he was away in my mum's house, we have numerous conversations which I will say "I love you" and Ryan will respond "I laff you too!" Everytime he says these words, it will melt my heart.

Tonight, there was something new ... I said "I love you" ... and he thought about it really hard and said "I laff you three!!!"

Hubby asked "Aii ... where did he learn to say that?!!"

Monday, October 1, 2007

Ryan is away

I must admit, I am terrible in being away from loved ones.

When I was living with my parents, I used to think about how wonderful it would be to be away from them and have my own life. Truth is, when that moment finally came, it was very difficult for me. I actually missed them! But then, I learned and adjusted well.

Then it came when my husband (then boyfriend) had to work outstation ... it was terrible! It could be a month before we meet again and it was just terrible. However, I also learned to live on my own.

Then came when I got married ... hubby left for Sudan months after we got married. Imagine my loneliness! But then I had a long hour job, so I got through.

Now, the biggest thing in my life - Ryan. When Ryan was really young, we used to leave him with nanny a night in a week when I would use the night to recuperate from my sleep deprivation. However, it is usually a rough night cause I would be missing him till I can't sleep properly. Also, I would wake up to pump milk cause I would have serious engorgement. And then in the middle of the night, I would wake up finding myself wondering why I had gotten up - the next day I find out that I woke up roughly the same time when Ryan would have woken up and cried.

As the months go by, Ryan got easier for me and so, he was never away from me. Then came the time when nanny had to go away on holiday. I would have no choice but to have Ryan sent to my mum and I would have really missed him terribly.

In the last 2 weeks in particular, I was away from Ryan when I went to Bangkok for a short holiday with friends. It was not easy, but I had a fellow mother who reminded me that I needed to be happy in order to have a happy child and so, I went. Phone calls were made 2 times a day to my mum's place and I would have a short conversation with Ryan. It really helps when he is able to make short sentences and by the 5th day, he could no longer bear missing me and was crying the whole day till the time he saw me at night.

Today, I had to send Ryan again to my mum's place cause nanny is away in Taiwan. I have been mentally preparing for this week of absence (longest separation!) for about a month and still, it has not been any easier. So, Ryan is away this week and I had chided myself to think that I was going to have a swell time by myself ... but at last, that is not true!
I came home just now with no sweat from carrying him, no raised voices to a child who purposely push my buttons, no messy floors from toys left from this morning, no messy floors from his wee wee accidents and certainly no sweet voices calling "Ah-mi ah" .... oh, I so miss him right now!

Looking forward to your return this weekend ...