Saturday, November 24, 2007

5th year

Today I celebrate my 5th year anniversary.

Wow! I have never been the kind to imagine myself married and living with the same person for all those years.
And now 5 years has passed. Many happy memories, many sad moments, much joy, much sorrow ... but most of all, I got Ryan ... worth every moment we shared.

Here is to another year to come!

Monday, November 19, 2007


I am so mad!
Blogger just wiped out my new post!!!

Argh! I am so mad!
Cannot write anymore!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Smart Tunnel

Completion of the Smart tunnel brought a huge relief to me cause it means that there is no more mess on the KL Seremban road and there is an alternative road to the city, which means then lesser jams and smoother journey - WRONG!!! well, at least the second part that is.

When it was free, everyone got on to it. Then Samy dearie said it would cost us RM2 to enjoy the Smart-ness. Fine, it is still better than getting caught in the jams.

Then one morning, I paid my RM2 toll like a good girl would do and SLAM!!! I was met with a terrible jam in the bloody tunnel! Then I looked right and saw that the "old" KL Seremban highway was a breeze!!! Grrrr.....

Then, there was another morning I was going into the lane leading to the tunnel and BANMM!!! another jam even before I got to the toll!!! And there was no U-turn for me.

This evening was another mess. It'd had been rainning and traffic was crazy. The tunnel was what I was looking forward to so I can reach home faster. I turned into the road beside Times square and wondered what the jam was about ... then I saw it - Terowong Smart di tutup, something about aktiviti banjir sedang!?!

First, I was not aware that the bloody Smart tunnel only does one thing at a time - not very SMART right??
Secondly,why was there no sign BEFORE reaching the junction to alert drivers of this? Why wait till everyone drove into the lane and the surprise us with this?!!! We then had to drive onto some gravel lane to U-turn. Honestly, this is so ridiculous!!!

But then, Malaysia boleh-la

Thursday, November 8, 2007

A day in Boleh-land

In the Star some days back, there was an article which caught my eye. Refer here.

It talks about the importance of early education for our kids in order to have a better educated generation. The whole talk he had was actually to address the majority of this country, talking about how a better educated generation will help steer the nation into greater achievements and how mindsets must change in order rise in the world etc. etc.

But the thing is that, early childhood education already exists in our country and unfortunately this is a privileged sector which not all can afford.

So what will happen? In the end, those who can afford will have better educated/ developed kids and those who cannot will lag behind.

Question is, why is the Boleh-land government not doing anything about this? Why is it that we do not see many (or at all??) government sponsored kindergartens/ nurseries/ play school etc? Why is it that we have kids in the rural areas not even having a proper school? Why is it that we are spending millions and millions of ringgit in sending people to outer space while the inner space is not properly addressed? Think about how these ringgit will be better utilized had it stayed in the country and help develop the education system ... heck, we may even be able to have the capability to build our very own space launcher instead of sending people over to other countries!

If you read the article, some other comments which gave me a slight increase in blood pressure are:

“It's only when we become a developed race (that) we can be confident” - wtf?? So if you are not developed, then you have no confidence?? I don't think that that is how we define confidence, ya?

"In advanced countries, two-year-olds, and sometimes even younger children, join planned education processes" - no, you i*****, we already have this in Malaysia, wake up la!

“Perhaps their learning techniques are different. They focus on fun learning but, more importantly, they believe that the process to build a person must begin early” - you don't have to be a genius to know this wei ... oops ... I forgot it's you!

He said Malays were still expecting handouts and did not pay back study loans but if they want the nation to be developed then their mindset must change. - this is because you guys started it!! Why not do away with this handouts and force all to compete fairly?? I am sure we will be getting the developed race status pretty fast!

“We may want big houses, expensive cars, imported furniture, but the most important thing is to invest in education.” - NOoooo .... really ah??

Wau! I really love Malaysia!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Good night Ryan

When Ryan was a baby, I used to put him to sleep while nursing. Thereafter, I can just put him on his bed and he will sleep till the next feed.
After a while, things got a little crazy and then we got the sarung to help rock him to sleep.
This went on for several months till I realized he was getting too heavy for the sarung and so decided to migrate him fully to my bed.

Some months ago, I decided that he needs to get out of my bed and start sleeping in his bed ... else it would have been a bloody waste of money to buy his bed!
And so we started this ritual where I would tuck him in and then sing and pat etc. till he sleeps.
Middle of the night, he would wake up and walk to my bed and wants to nurse/ have his bottled milk.

About 2 weeks back, I decided that I have to let him fall asleep on his own. And so, I tucked him in, kiss him on his face and then leave the room. For the first 2 nights or so, Ryan would protest but then he would close his eyes and sleep. In the last few days, Ryan has been proclaiming that he is not tired and don't want to sleep.
However, because I inisist on it, he would toss and turn in his bed and even went on to singing till he drops off to sleep.

Truly, this has been great for me. At least I can now tuck him in and then come out of the room and do my own work.

His few sleep-through nights are getting rare now. Hope he continues with it soon.