Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Me learning phonics

For the life of me, I cannot remember learning any phonics in school. Most of my English is learnt through my reading habits. The foundation came from my mum who was adamant that I should learn my tenses and verbs and past/ present participles - I still don't know all this theory till today.

I usually just speak and write according to what seems right grammatically and if all else fails, there is always spell check!

So when Ryan came back one day and showed me a list of words I was supposed to practise with him - I was dumbfounded. It was a list of phonics which we had to practised on the sounds and the emphasis etc.

To him, it was almost easy since they converse this way - they actually have a ABC song sang to the phonics way. Can you believe that? And I had to struggle to say it out. Finally, I owned up and said that I will ask his teacher to go through with me before we learn together - I don't want to say the wrong thing and be laughed at, you know.

Yesterday, his teacher finally sat me down and went through with me. Imagine, he was running around while the teacher and I sat on the small little chairs and went through EACH word and then she told me to think of a begin sound and see how it linked up. Thank goodness the teacher is older than I, else it will be utterly embarrassing!

Can you imagine next time he goes to primary school and I had to go back to his teacher to learn how to do maths and such? I think I had better go do some work books before he reaches there!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Power to charge

Yesterday, we were in bed in the morning. The kids were lounging around and I was to get up to make some pancakes.

I asked Ryan to give me a big fat juicy kiss to charge me up so that pancakes are on the way. He came, gave me a big hug and a big fat juicy kiss.

His daddy asked for one too and this is what he said ...

"I only have enough energy to charge one battery only la"


Sunday, March 14, 2010

How many books did you read in 2009?

I wonder if there is such a thing as addiction to buying books? If there is, I wonder if my behaviour qualifies. Every time I am near a book store, chances are I will go in and come out with a couple of hundreds worth of books, magazines, etc.

However, I must admit though, I usually read about 1 out of the stash that I bought at one time and the rest will sit on my shelves till I am ready to read them.

Last year, I read a total of 11 books, I had set my goal at 13 books. This year, I am going to stretch myself a little and will aim for 16 books. And it does not include my kids' books which I also read to them.

Among the books I read last year are:
How to make HOT cold calls
Positive Discipline for Pre schoolers
Twelve Pillars
Secrets of A Millionaire Mind
Things I Want My Daughters To Know
Seven Years to Seven Figures
Dated Jekyll, Married Hyde
Confessions of a bad mother
Secrets of Happily Married Women
What to expect when you are expecting

I must say it is a pretty good list of parenting, fiction and business books there. And I think that is important to keep the interest alive.

I am currently reading several at one go - Psychology of selling, The art of closing the sale, Positive Discipline for 1-3 years, The toddler years and Think and grow rich.

So what are you reading now?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The story with Angel(s)

So, this morning, before I send Ryan to school, I said my bye-bye to Megan and called her my little angel. And this is what Ryan has to say ...

RYAN: Don't call Megan little angel.
ME: Why?
RYAN: The Angel in my school is a very rude and naughty girl, so please don't call Megan, angel.
ME: But mummy has a friend called Auntie Angel and she is a nice lady.
RYAN: Yeah, but you have an auntie ya? This girl in school is not an auntie. She is not nice. So, don't call Megan an angel.
ME: Haha, I think Auntie Angel will think you are very cute.
RYAN: Yes, she will think I am a cute little Ryan.
ME: *laughing very hard*

How la like this? He is only 5 years old and already so witty. Wonder what it would be like when he grows a day older tomorrow.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Situations where my son stumps me ...

I remember when I was a kid, I never had the last say. Mum was always right, mum always had the last word, no matter what.

So, when my son said the following things, I was a little stumped and frankly, I actually found it amusing.

SITUATION 1 - One of those busy mornings where I had to nudge him along.
ME: Mummy is sick, why do I still have to nag you? I cannot talk properly now.
RYAN: But you are still talking so much??
ME: *Blink, blink*

SITUATION 2 - I usually bathe Ryan first so that he can dress himself while I bathe Megan.
ME: Aiyo, I am done bathing you sister already, why are you still not dressed? What if you catch a cold?
RYAN: Because I am waiting for the moon to come down lor.
ME: *Blink, blink*

SITUATION 3 - I sometimes have problems getting Ryan to sleep at night.
Ryan: That is because you night time is my morning and your morning is my night time.
ME: *Blink, blink*

SITUATION 4 - Last week Ryan got sent to the Principal's office because he was fighting with another classmate. When he came back, his class teacher asked him what the principal said.
RYAN: I don't know what she said, she talked so much, so much, I cannot remember already.
His teacher shared this with her colleagues and they all had a good laugh.

SITUATION 5 - Ryan hates to cut his nails.

RYAN: Why you always ask me to cut my nails? Your nails are so long too. Why you don't cut it? Huh? Huh?

ME: *I finally cut my nails cause it was too much trouble, but it still stumped me*

I am sure he will continue to brighten my day in the coming weeks. For now, I am still thinking about whether I should continue to put on a stern face and laugh to myself or should I just burst out when he says these things. What say you?