Sunday, November 30, 2008


DY introduced me to the concept of "Surprise!" when dealing with kids, esp. hers. When I heard about it, I did not have Ryan yet and so, this concept was difficult for me to accept.

However, hearing about all the wonderful feelings that this concept evokes, I decided to try it out with Ryan. Starting from about a year ago, I also practised this concept with Ryan with stickers, CDs, toys, music sometimes food etc.

Hubby was of the opinion that I was spoilling him, that it would get into a habit and then we would all be in trouble. However, I insisted as I thought that it was a brilliant seeing his delighted face. I was also being selfish, thinking that all will be ok when he outgrows it.

Last weekend, we were preparing to put up the Christmas tree and I told Ryan that we need to wait for his daddy to do it. Surprisingly, he told me that he wants to do it first to "surprise papa" when he gets home from work.

I could not believe that he actually said that! I am thinking that he probably got the idea that surprises are giving such great feelings that he wants to give in return to all the little surprises we have been giving him.

Needless to say, I used this to gloat to hubby saying that he has been wrong about spoilling him and that it has actually turned out to be a good thing. Hubby did not say anything, but this non-stop grinning gave him up - he agrees with me.

Anyway, the Christmas tree is up and we are all marvelling at the wonderful looking tree despite there are holes here and there to patch up.

Here's to the next surprise then!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The BIG "R" Number

Sometime ago, I had written about the campaign which Prudential was running called What's your number?

Today, I took it's calculation on the net and found that my retirement number is a staggering RM3,487,456 in today's dollars, assuming that I retire at 55 years old, giving me 21 years more to accumulate this amount.

Now, at the first glance, this may seem to be a really big sum, but after thinking about it for a while, this amount may actually seem reasonable. Look at all the things that are currently priced out there, everything from the basic necessities to the not-so-necessary items. Everything is going up in prices year after year, if not by the months.

And this amount is only taking into account what I would need, and have not factored in hubby's numbers nor has it taken into account the kids' education funds. I am guessing if I relay this info to hubby, he is going to freak out and reinforce his thinking that we do not need to think so much about the future and the numbers etc.

But then I am thinking, if both of us are not concerned about these numbers, who will be taking charge of it? And more importantly, how will we make it? I guess that is why so many people nowadays either cannot afford to retire or they face difficulties in their retirement years.

For sure, I am not willing to compromise my healthcare nor my nutrition in my older years, nor do I want to give up my house nor the little things that makes me happy, so I am determined to meet these projected numbers of how much I need in the future.

Now, do you know what is YOUR RETIREMENT number?

Friday, November 28, 2008

Starbucks' To: You From: Us Promotion

I saw an ad yesterday in The Sun which has a promo where you buy a Dark Cherry Mocha Frappuccino and you get a Pomegranate Peach Frappuccino for free, just for today. It was great and I was excited about it seeing that I will not be at work today and will likely be swiping cards at Mid Valley today.

And so, I diligently cut out the coupon but forgot to bring it with me this morning *Doink*. But anyway, I tried to see if these guys at Starbucks would be willing to let me have it despite the little fonts there stating that the coupon has to be presented upon purchase.

I went to the outlet at The Borders, The Gardens. There were 2 guys there - one did not know what I was talking about and the other knew about it but was a stickler for rules. "We need to have the coupon, else we will be in trouble with the accounting procedures" he said to me. Something made me feel that this guy is from the Accounting/ Finance line with a part time job at Starbucks. After a minute of asking if he could bend the rules/ if he has a copy of The Sun ... I decided fine, I don't need that coffee anyway.

I then went to the other outlet they have in the main Mid Valley building. Guess what? They had The Sun there and I went to get my drink. The guy there said that they were running low on the Pomegranate Peach and asked if I would like 2 coffees instead. After explaining that I didn't want my kid to have any caffeine, he then offered to exchange it with a Dark Cherry cream based drink, but I was warned that it would taste funny. Later, they offered me to exchange it with another fruit based blended drink - great, I took the Mango Fusion.

After all said and done, they did not even bother with the coupon and just said "Have a nice day ma'am, enjoy your drinks!"

Wow, talk about the difference in service levels. And it was just a wlk across the buildings. The guys at Borders not only made me give up on my drink in the outlet, but also made me gave up my purchases in Borders. I actually had some books picked up, but then left it all when I could not get my coffee.

Lesson to learn: Outlets with franchise license especially, should have their act consistent, else it will only drive away customers.

Oh ya, the 2 drinks were great by the way and served to be the fattening food I had promised my kid on his last day of school/ camp etc.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy 6th Anniversary

Todays marks the 6th year that we are married.

November 24th 2002 was the day that we decided that we should embark on this journey in life that would take us to places where we did not imagine to be. Many of those places are filled with memories, emotions, hopes and wonder. These places in many years to come will be the stop over points to our destination.

At the moment we are building a family, one which we may not always agree on, but one which we want to be in. There are many misunderstandings, arguments, squabbles, hurt but there are also many moments which I would not change/ exchange with, many laughters, joy and love which has made these 6 years full of adventure.

On this day, I am entering my 34 weeks of pregnancy with our second child. This child would not have come to be if we had not decided to embark on this journey together.

May we have many more stop overs and many more adventures, but no more babies please ...

Happy 6th Year Anniversary Darling!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pretty mummy

This morning, we went to Kiara Park with WSL and Ryan gave me his feedback after seeing her as "auntie SL not pretty today bcos she didn't wear a dress"

This is not the first time that he has given comments like these about my friends after an outing together. And so, some of my friends already know that some sort of comments will come when the outing ends.

After a quick afternoon nap, Ryan was in his usual happy mood and was posing for some photos I was taking. Then he came over to my side and said "Mummy, picture (short for taking a photo) me and mummy together." I was in my hair clips and was feeling like I was going to pengsan from all the work, so I said I am not pretty today in the picture. His reply "No mummy, you are very pretty today" ... while stroking my face too!

Ok ok, so my son is bias and the following photo came to be - so is mummy pretty or not?

Mummy dear

Half the time I cannot hear what Ryan says - yeah, I know, I am a bad mom.

But then this evening something caught my ear. He was busy with the Christmas tree and I was busy tidying up after him. And I must have said something (yes, I also cannot hear myself sometimes) because Ryan turned to me and said "Put this one here ok mummy dear?"

Aiyo, I felt very very happy about it and thought that he was really really very sweet.

Sigh, does not take much to melt me does it?

Last day of school - 21 Nov 2008

Ryan started school this year on 3 Jan 2008, at 2 years and 10 months - after a month of deliberation on my part. I had taken leave on 3rd and 4th to send and fetch him from school. No, I did not hang around, but I did worry about how he will fit in. A year later, it was proven that I did not have to worry about him in the first place.

His first day was a happy one for me - hubby managed to be there with him. It meant a lot more to me than it did to Ryan I think. Ryan was also very happy to be in school finally - after a month of crying to go to school.

Here is a photo of him on his first day, happily riding the yellow snail.
This is him and his new found playmates in the field. This is the start of his many days of socialising, wonder how he felt.

This is a photo of his class on his first day. This is the class where he has learned to eat and play, count and read, write and draw, sing and dance and and not forgetting fight with his class mates for the whole of 2008.

21 Nov was the last day of school. I also took leave to send him to school and later, to fetch him from school. He has been asking me to fetch him from school for ages now, broke my heart every time he requested that. Must make sure that next year, I will do this at least once a month - how long is he going to ask for me anyway right?
The above photo was taken when I came to fetch him yesterday. Holding him is dear Mrs. Menon who is his first teacher. I am very grateful for her patience and her teaching, I am sure she has helped shape Ryan in many ways. Ryan has taken an affection on her and many of her (and the principal's) words are taken more seriously than mine!
After fetching him from school, we went to lunch before sending him to nanny's. We had western - fries and pizza for Ryan and a burger for me. I intend to make this a ritual for my kids. Mummy taking leave on the first and last day of school and then on to something sinful and full of calories for lunch.
Here is to a whole year of joy and happiness and some anxieties.
May Ryan has a better year in 2009!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Major nesting phase

When I was pregnant with Ryan, the only thing that was out of norn was that I must be silent by 11pm and must be out of bed by 7am, else I would get major kicks from Ryan.

This time round, I feel that my nesting phase is super dominant. I have started cleaning like 2 weeks ago and I even have a list of to-do things which gets a date next to it.

Seriously, I did not even bother with it the last time round, just thought that all is well and clean. Now, I feel like I do not have enought time to do it all. This is despite having Wati to help me out - groan.

Today, after a walk in the park with WSL, I came back and started cleaning and cleaning and cleaning - just managed to sit down and do some blogging and chatting. I was up and down the step-chair the whole day. There were some periods of time that I thought I was going to force the baby to come out with all the stepping and lifting and moving. But luckily, all is well, although there is some pain noted, somewhere.

On Wednesday, I actually had a contraction at the office, then it went away. Not sure what I did that day, but some cleaning and rushing of data took place. Today, after the park, I also noticed some mild contractions, but it went off.

Hope my cleaning today will not trigger anything tonight .... till tomorrow then and another round of cleaning ...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nobody loves me!

Yesterday Ryan was drumming his fingers on the dining table and I scolded him for being rude. He then tried drumming it lightly and still, he got scolded.

He then hurriedly left the dining table and went to the sofa sulking and pouting his lips ... and then he said "Nobody loves me!". This is because I told him his daddy also had the same stand on the manners as I did.

I was trying very hard not to laugh and hubby hurriedly went to reassure him that we do love him although his manners are also important. He burst out crying while hugging hubby, all the while claiming nobody loves him.

This, emotional blackmail, coming from a 3 year old. Aiya, they do start young don't they?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ryan's thinking

On the way home from buying the baby's stuff, he asked me in the car ....

RYAN: Mummy, the doctor will cut your stomach to take out the baby?
ME: Yes
RYAN: Then he will cut my little sister?
ME: No, no, he will be very careful, he will only cut mummy's stomach, he will not hurt the baby.
RYAN: Oh, then how will he fix your stomach?
ME: (I stopped to think about his question for a while since I had not thought that he knew what "fix" was) well, he will stitch mummy up with a needle.
RYAN: Then no blood ah?
ME: Got, that is why you cannot jump on mummy's stomach lor.
RYAN: Ok, I don't do that. I sayang only.

Wasn't that sweet? Sure made my night despite being awfully tired.

Buying baby stuff

Yesterday, we brought Ryan to a baby store in ss2 to just get some basic stuff for the baby – clothes, powder puff, blanket etc. I had told Ryan that we were only going to get the baby stuff and there will be no toys buying for him. Of course he would have said “Yes” and agreed.

After playing with the toys there for about 20 mins, he came to me and asked what I was doing. He then proceeded to take a basket and began to load stuff for the baby – clothes, poder puff (he even got one for himself), then he also got her some shampoo, baby bath, baby oil etc. He even got a water tumbler for himself (a blue one) and a pink one for the baby (apparently it is the colour he thinks it is for girls).

It took me some 5 mins to convince him that the baby does not need all the stuff and he happily settled with some basics.
Check out his happy face with the basket in his hands : )

Ryan says ...

Ryan said this out of the blue one day … “Water is life, don’t waste it!”

But that did not stop him from playing with it every weekend in the tub, in the shower etc.

Mamma Mia!

There is something about this movie that is captivating.
Perhaps it is the songs that are sung, perhaps they stir up memories of yesteryears.

No matter what, it is still a wonderful movie. Unfortunately I could not catch it on the big screen, so I am watching it now on DVD.

I had wanted to go watch the musical, but it is so close to my due date that I was afraid my waters would burst while I am happily cheering and dancing!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Week 32?

I went to see the gynae on Thursday and he said that I am in my week 32, so much for helping me figure out my correct week number.

But anyway, I have already decided that the baby will come early January (depending on the date that the feng shui guy gives me) and that it will be a caesarean with a GA. That's that now.

The weeks leading up to that is another thing though. There will be a whole lot of cleaning and preparing and also not forgetting getting Ryan in the mood too. There will also be the pre-opening of school and orientation for the parents on the 2 of Jan 2009, hopefully I can settle Ryan in his KG 4 before i go off to get the new one in.

I have also started to buy presents and wrapping them up, to be given to Ryan when he meets his little sister. I have yet to bring him to buy her the coming home suit and the present he will be giving her.

So, if Week 32 is correct, I have technically 8 weeks more to go, so much things to do, seems so little time since I am only giving myself 6 weeks as a date line. Till my next gynae visit then.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Week 30

I am a little confused about the week I am in.
Some websites say that I am in Week 30, some say Week 31 ... so I am somewhere there.

At this time, I have been relatively active and can still go for my shopping walks, except that after a while, I feel really tired and will lose the mood to shop. So, I have to shop for all the necessities before I shop for the rest.

I also have better stamina than the first pregnancy, not sure if it is because I have Ryan to deal with or the trips to the gym paid off.

With the first one, I was nervous with the all the fuss and the care and the worries about the baby. With this one, I am less nervous with the baby care, but more worried with the finances and of course the health of the baby.

Nowadays, I spend more time reading about investment books and parenting books rather than baby care or motherhood books. Sometimes I feel guilty, like I am taking the baby for granted, but I was assured that it is because I am already a "seasoned' mother.

With this one, I also feel that I am eating more, this morning I ate more than hubby during breakfast!

We'll see what the doctor says in the next couple of days during my routine gynae visit.

No, that is my little sister!

When Ryan was very little, he used to have a fascination with his poo. There was once where he poo-ed in my mum’s house and decided to plaster it on the wall. When my mum found out, she said that if he did it again, she would hang him on the crane. Naturally, it never happended again.

Last week, during one the many conversations, my mum told Ryan that if the baby does the same thing, she would also hanged the her on the crane. Ryan was shaking his head while answering “No, you cannot hang her. She is my baby sister. I will take a paper and throw the ng-ng in the toilet and then use the wet tissue to clean the wall. You cannot hang her. She is my sister!”

I was so proud to hear that. Hopefully he will also be as protective as now when the baby is finally out.

So far away ...

Last week we went back to my mum’s house and it was at night that we drove. The whole journey took us about 1 hour but Ryan was getting a little restless.

Upon reaching my mum’s house, he asked my mum “Poh Poh, why your house is so far away?” To which my mum asked “Why don’t you buy a house near me?” Ryan said “No lor, only YOU stay so far away!”

I was very tickled by that conversation.