Saturday, November 6, 2010

Should we? Should we?

Our family is growing, and with it means that we are looking for a bigger car to drive all of us around.

I had not planned for a change of car since I got mine some 3 years ago. I had originally thought that it would last us a good 10 years or something.

Obviously now, with the anticipated arrival of the little one, we would have to consider a bigger car which can accommodate the additional car seat.

My original thought was a Toyota Wish or a Mazda or even a Chevrolet, but my hubby decided that those were not big enough. No, no, he is not thinking of something like the Ford F-150! That would be quite a bit of a trouble for me if there was a need to go to an auto shop!

He was actually thinking of the Estima. While I quite like the idea, it would also mean that the monthly commitment is much much higher than now. And I heard that the maintenance is not cheap either. And I have not seen many workshops where they can check engine light easily!

Can you imagine if anything goes wrong and I am stuck with the kids? It would be like I am looking for a San Diego auto repair shop!! Err, scary!

But anyway, we are not in a hurry though, we are merely looking around to see where the best deals are so that we are prepared when the time comes and we really really need a car.

So, you guys have any ideas on what is a good 7-seater to consider? Low maintenance and reasonable prices are key to us.