Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Permatang Pauh by-election results

I am extremely happy with the results of the PP by-election.
I am very sure that a lot of people has been looking forward to this day with a greater anticipation that the March 8th elections. Simply because the comback kid is the candidate.

I must admit that I neve really liked him, but then 10 years out of action and some years in prison could have changed a man.

I am hoping that his return to Parliment will make Malaysia a better place for my kids.
Here's to you Anwar!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ryan's cavity

Ryan has been suffering from teeth problems for as long as I can remember. There is teeth discolouration, cavities, chips etc.

Yesterday, we went to see the dentist again for another cavity I discovered. The doctor was a real darling and managed to get Ryan to sit quietly through the whole procedure. It included having his teeth cleaned, patched and another round of making sure the patch was intact.

Throughout the procedure, Ryan was busy watching PHDC and also communicating with the doctor about his favourite cartoons, what he has at home and what his thoughts were at that time. The doctor had to stop several times to hear him out and resumed again after that.

Finally it was done. The doctor said that Ryan possibly has a natural weakness in his teeth and that it could be due to genetics, difficult pregnancy, difficult labor, overly medicated etc. But none was going to be conclusive. He advised me to take care of his teeth and hopefully to be able to prolong the teeth life as much as possible. It is also possible that we would need to be chasing cavities after cavities since his enamel is weak and likely to fall off easily.

We left after buying a very expensive toothpaste for Ryan, hoping that the calcium can harden the enamel as much as possible. It cost me RM70 per tube, more than the amount I pay for my toothpaste for a year!!!

But then, so long as I can help his little teeth .....

My amnio test results

I went to see the gynae with great anticipation yesterday. The nurse had called me the day before and said that my results were out. She said to her knowledge, it was normal. However, I still did not want to have too high hopes in case she read wrongly.

Anyway, we all went and Ryan had a great anticipation about finally being able to see the baby. I actually meant through th scan, not physically seeing it, but he had other thoughts as usual.

When our turn came, the doctor smiled and said .... "Firstly, the results said that you are fine and everything is normal ... secondly, you are going to have a baby XXX!" I was a little taken back as I had been debating if I wanted to know. Just before we entered the clinic, hubby said maybe we should just find out since it is already tested. We had laid a bet on it and I won! Darn! I should have betted for something more than just dinner at Shang.

But we left with a lightt heart and felt happy that all was fine. Except that Ryan was upset because he did not see the little baby. He had asked the doctor if he was going to cut it out of me and refused to talk to the doctor when he learned that it was not going to be today.

We are now looking forward to have the little one arrive in January 2009.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Baby movements

I have been feeling the little one moving for some time now, but these last few days has been more obvious.

The little feeling of fluttering, light touches, little bbbles has been great. They say that this is one of the most looked forward things of a pregnancy and they are right, whoever they are.

It is a confirmation that a little life is growing inside you and a confirmation that you are doing a good job in ensuring it is growing well.

My amnio results are coming out this week, latest next week, hope that all is well and my little one will continue growing.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ryan's concert photos

This is a long overdue post showing some of the photos of Ryan's concert.

This is a photo of Ryan and his dance partner - Tanisha. See the red line on the floor? It indicates the position they are supposed to be in so that they do not get into each other's way. And the 3 year olds really stuck to it!

This is a photo of the entire 2, 3 and 4 year olds doing their Mandarin stunt. It was lovely to see all the little ones trying to mimic the Mandarin lyrics when I think none of them really understood the meaning!

This is another photo showing Ryan bringing us some gifts they had made in school. Each child came out with gifts to their parents - to thank them for the love showered. Isn't that wonderful?
I am looking forward to next year's concert already.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Triple Test and More

Last week, I took a blood test to do something called the triple test. The main aim was to see if I was in high risk for any Down Syndrome or neural defects.

The doctor then called me on Tuesday and told me that I was tested negative for neural defects, but was a high risk for Down Syndrome. The probability was high at 1 in 50. I was stunned and close to tears. I was shocked as I had not expected this.

An amnio test was scheduled on Friday (which is today) and so I went with hubby. The whole procedure took abut 30 mins including making sure the baby is ok before and after the procedure. The horror of seeing a 1.5feet needle being stuck into the stomach was too much, even for me. My legs melted, luckily I was lying down and not standing.

The needle went through the placenta and some blood was drawn out before the fluid came. They collected 2 test tubes of it and will be studied in the lab to determine if the baby is fine.

While the doctor said that all looked well on the scan, I am still worried. I think it is only normal, but I have faith that God has a reason for whatever he presents us.

The doctor said he has seen so many fetus problems that he said "so long as the child is born with 2 eyes, 1 nose, 1 mouth, perfect limbs, that is what matters, don't ask for brilliance, intelligence etc. Having a child born healthy is already a miracle in itself."

So, here is to the next 2 weeks - hope that the results will show I have a healthy baby.

You got baby in your stomach?

This was the question which Ryan asked his teacher.
His teacher is a real darling, and a little on the plump side.
She did not mind him and gave him the following answer ...

"Yes, I have children in my stomach. If they do not listen to me, I will swallow them and they remain inside."

I think Ryan had a shock and now he firmly shakes his head when I ask if his teacher has a baby in her stomach ; )

Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Little Defender

I am very fortunate to have a little defender at home for me : )

From young, Ryan has always been on my side, no matter whether I am in the right or not. To him, mummy is always right.

There was once his daddy was playing with me on the bed and pretended to hit me with the bolster. We thought it would be a funny scene for Ryan, but he burst out crying!! We had to immediately stop and pacify him.

Recently, it has evolved to verbal defence. Everything I say will be THE RULE/ THE WORD. Anything that is said against me will be A SIN and he will scream MURDER!! Some examples ...

His daddy: Aiyo, this blouse/ pants not good la, if you don't believe me, ask your son.
Me: Ryan, daddy said I am not pretty, what do you think?
Ryan: Yes, you are pretty. (To his daddy): Why you say mummy not pretty??
His daddy: Yes la, see, so ugly.
Ryan (screaming away): NOooooo, mummy is pretty.

Teacher: Wow, who made that for you?
Ryan: My mother
Teacher: Is it good?
Ryan: Yes, my mother made for me, delicious!
(and so, I am pressured to deliver his expectations)

Sometimes he sees his daddy hugging me and he will say "Hey, what are you doing? Don't hurt my mummy!" Only after we reassure him that his daddy is not hurting me, will he say "OK".

But, if he is the one that is saying something against me, THAT is the rule then.
The other day I bought a nice (I thought) blouse from MNG. I was in the transition stage and thought that looked good for me. He looked at me and said "Eee .. mummy you look so old, so ugly" and that became the rule because no matter how many times I wore that blouse on different times at different days, it was still ugly to him ... it is now hung in my cupboard and destined to remain hidden till some good soul takes it away. He is still saying that it is ulgy and makes me old.

And they say guys are not sensitive to these things ....

Moody Ryan

The other day, Ryan's teacher told me that Ryan has been rather moody these days. He will burst out crying at the slightest irritation or when he has to share with the other kids. He was also sulking in class.

The teacher asked if we had talked about the baby and how Ryan felt about it. I personally do not think that it is the baby, but rather how we have been treating Ryan at home. Don't get me wrong, we did not abuse him or anything, just that we have been trying to get him into some routine and make him stick to it. Things like changing, drinking milk and brushing teeth before going to bed. Lately he has been protesting going to bed and will usually cry and cry.

In the morning, it is drinking milk, changing, brushing teeth and going to school. There will be a huge protest on the brushing teeth part and he will start screaming. I figured that it may have been the preotesting and having his way that has upset him.

Seeing that these are not something which I will compromise on, I thought that som effort is needed to coax him into doing these things willlingly.

The past few days has been good after spending some time talking to him BEFORE the occasion happens. Perhaps it is working for him. The teacher said that he has slightly improved, but still too early. Sigh, this parenting work is tough man.

I had briefly thought about getting him to a phycologist to help figure him out .... then I got this stare from hubby which shut the entire idea off.

Ok ok, I am overeacting, but this is my child ma.

My spending spree

Yesterday was the first day of a 3-day special in Isetan.
And I could not resist going back there despite my visit during lunch.

It always begins with a catalogue arriving at your door step. And then you browse through and then you decide ... nothing to buy la.
But then you also remember the dates and you do not throw away the catalogue.
And so, the card swiping begins.

I actually was looking forward to the card swiping yesterday. It has been a long time since I felt so enrgetic that I can take on the challenge of walking and walking with my bump along. The pregnancy has left me feeling rather lethargic, but yesterday was great.

I ended up with bottles for Ryan and the baby, a pair of shoes for Ryan, groceries, casual maternity for me, some new gym clothes (the old ones could not fit me anymore), toys for Ryan, diapers and milk powder.

Poor hubby was not on my list. But I think he will not mind la, I'll just make up for it by giving him good food : )

And now, I still lack a pair of shoes for myself, the ones I have are too high to support me anymore.