Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sing songs

Last Wedneday was a holiday for us working in KL cos Badawi decided that KL should be included in the Thaipusam celebrations as the traffic will be bad for us working folks.
(wonder if he will declare tomorrow a holiday, since i am sure traffic will be bad too)

Anyway, it was a good day for me cause i went to do my hair and shoe shopped.

When I got back home, tired and some Ringgit short, I was watching Ryan play and he suddenly burst out singing.

"4 jelly fish
4 jelly fish
4 jelly fish, sitting on the rock,
One fell off,

Now, I know it does nto rhyme and all, but it was amazing that he was able to sing the whole song and the words were all properly pronouced too!

He then proceeded to sing out loud "Baa baa black sheep" entirely.

I was beaming the whole night. And Ryan has not been shy to show off to all that would like to hear him sing.

Mrs. M said that he also likes the Ginger Bread man song. I have not idea how that is sund, but I am looking forward to the day he sings it out loud to me!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ryan is responding

Yesterday when I dropped Ryan off at school, I had a short chat with his teacher, Mrs. M, and was glad to hear that Ryan is responding well to school.

She mentioned that on Monday, it was the first time that Ryan responded to the Mandarin teacher when she was talking - he sat on Mrs. M's lap to listen! This is such wonderful news. Apparently he has always preferred to do his own things and ignored the Mandatrin teacher, but now he is listening intently. Great!

Mrs. M also said that when Ryan is out on the field, he will come running up to her and gives her a big hug too!! Oh, I am so relieved. I was afraid that he will hate school because of all the rules and restrictions. Turns out he is ok.

One thing that is worrying me is that he is not eating as much as I would like him to. He only takes milk for breakfast, sometimes some cereal in the car. Cheese and some egg during break time and this is all the way till noon when he gets to nanny's place. Sigh, I think he will lose some weight now ...

But I think so long as he is happy and growing, does not matter the quantity of food he is taking la. Oh, my little baby is growing up so fast!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008


It has been a week since Ryan started school.

For the first 2 days, I would wake him up, every time afraid that he will throw a tantrum because of the lack of sleep. However, he was very well behaved when I said it was time for school.

It has been a week already and I am glad to say that he has been waking up on his own in the last few days .... all on his own! Really! I am so glad.

The downside is that I cannot even sleep later on a holiday : ( because he will get up on the dot!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Getting emotional with books

If you look at my book shelf, you can actually tell what my mood is.
And if you track the book purchases with time, you can actually tell when I was happy, when I was sad, when I developed a craze for money and most importanly when Ryan played an important part in me.

It is just amazing that books can help one to go through lfe easier. No matter what my emotions are, the book store will be the place where I can go to heal my broken heart, the place to help me understand Ryan a little more, the place where I can get help to increase my net worth etc. Sometimes it is also a place I go to buy silly things - like beauty magazines and health magazines - things which I buy and don't read or things which is useless to me.

Whatever it is, the books in my house is getting higher and higher. Even Ryan has his shelves full of books which he will go and pick every night so we can share one before he sleeps.

Ahh ... the joy of reading.

Last brestfeeding session - 5

Ok, this is not getting any last at all.

Just when I thought all was ending, Ryan created a facination with me nursing him.
He publicly declare that I have milk in my breast and that only the right one still has it.
What started out to be funny is now really not anymore!

Anyway, the last time he nursed was 4th January 2008. Today he nuzzled on my chest and kissed my breast and smiled at me. I am sure he was trying to thank me for all the nutrion and warmth he got through the years. And for me it meant saving money of course!! Now, who would not be smiling at that??

Conversations with Ryan

Conversation #1
Just now in the evening, there was a fireworks display somewhere in town. It was not a big manificent one, just a small one. But it did manage to get Ryan excited and he was jumping up and down happily.

He then asked me to carry him so that he can see better. As soon as I did that he started telling me all sorts of things about the fireworks and he carried on and on and on.
And each time I would just say "Hmmm..." "Hmmm..." "Hmmm..." After a while Ryan turned to me and said "You don't Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm like that, you must talk ma".

*Doink* I cannot believe he said that! And I thought I was being polite!

Conversation #2
It was raining in the afternoon and spoilt our chance to go for a swim. Ryan has been in the house for the whole day andI thought I wanted to bring him down to the pool for him to stretch his legs.

As it was raining, we went under one of the huts and started to blow bubbles with his inflated elephant. After a while, he was laughing and began squeezing the elephant harder. The elephant gave out a little squeak and he laughed out and asked "oi, why got sound?" ... When I said I did not know, he said "Because the elephant inside got air".

LOL I was stunned for a while cause I did not expect him to be able to say that. I am amazed with his sense of logic. Hope that it is just not because he heard me say before and something he has figured out.

I am enjoying motherhood more and more each day. Conversations like these really make my day.

Second day at school

Second day at school and Ryan was late - thanks to me of course!

Only managed to wake him up at 8am and left the house at 8.30am .... school starts at that time too! Anyway, we managed to get to school by 9am and again, Ryan walked bravely into the class.

I kissed him bye bye and went to the gym. By 12.15pm, I was there with nanny and he ran out happily. Today it was better since he still has his shirt tucked in. On the first day, his shirt was all out.

His teacher mentioned that he was ok throughout and he did not cry at all. I am so proud of him for that. However, one thing that bothers me is that he is not eating much throughout school and he does not eat much in the morning too. All he eats is just cheese and water. Maybe I should see if he wants to drink Milo ... I will buy the kid size one for him to try.

Sigh ... so fast ... he is growing up so fast.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

First day at school

Today is a very important day - Ryan went to school for the very first time.

We left the house a 9.30am. Today school starts at 10am cause it's the first day and the parents have to undergo an orientation program. Basically it is where we get briefed on what to expect in class, other kids, other mothers etc.

Ryan walked bravely into the class room and was very excited about starting school.
He stayed right through the remaining 2 hours and I fetched him when school finished.

He was so excited that he refused to leave the school.

I asked if he wants to go to school tomorrow - "YES!" Great, at least there is no battle there.

Last brestfeeding session - 4

Ok ok .... this may not be the last.

Ryan last nursed on 31st Dec 2007, in the wee hours of the morning.

See if there are anymore "last" or not.