Thursday, October 30, 2008


We were about to get in the lift just now when we got home when we heard that a small boy was calling out to his parents. I think he was just calling out to them and not meant to get into the lift.

However, Ryan became very eager and quickly jumped into the lift when it came and quickly pushed the "10" button. He also wiped his forehead and said "Phew! We got in first!"

I was surprised at his action and reaction to the whole thing and just burst out laughing. Although I know I should not encouraged it, it was rather funny to see him reacting in such a manner.

Ok, so tomorrow I will talk to him about it, just let me laugh it off for now.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Week 28

I am going into my third trimester now and I really feel that this pregnancy is passing by very quickly. With Ryan, it had felt long and the end was like a moving target.

This little one is already going into the third and last stage. From now on, the growth will be great and I will feel the kicks more.

With Ryan, he seemed to have a fixed schedule. No noise after 11pm, else he will kick me hard. And I had to be up by 7-8am, else the kicks will come. Pretty much like how he is now and since he was born.

This one though is a little different. If I move, the baby will movee with me, no matter the time of day. I could be just getting up for a midnight toilet trip and the baby will be moving too. Thank goodness, it rests when I lay down. At least that is a consolation. And I wonder what the kid will be like ....

Lately, I have been eating like nobody's business. Literally every 2-3 hours, really. Else I will feel very hungry and will not be able to function. I think that is why I have been feeling really big, although I have only put on 8kgs. My tummy skin feels like it is about to burst soon.

Anyway, I am looking forward to enjoy the remaining months of this pregnancy. So far, it has been good, although a little tiring for me.

Monday, October 27, 2008

2 laughs & a tumble

This morning, Ryan has managed to make me laughed out loud and also gave me a heart attack.

After coming back from the market, I found Ryan and hubby in bed already awake and were talking - different indeed from the usual screaming between them. We were roughing around in bed when Ryan stood up and said loudly (while clutching his heart) "Oh, my poor heartbeat!". I was laughing while asking him where he got that from. Apparently his teacher says that in clas. Poor soul, guess the kids are really taking a toll on her heart!! But the dramatic way he said it was really funny.

The other incident happened while I was preparing breakfast. Ryan was observing me and hubby was talking to him. All of a sudden, Ryan was on the floor - he had slipped and fell from his little chair. The chair has a pointed corner as it was one of those sturdy wooden chairs from Ikea. He started to cry and I had a scare, thinking that he may have fractured a rib or cracked his skull or something, judging from the way he was crying. I was relieved when I found that it was only a scratch on the back, although I do think that it is painful.

After some ice and a lotion, he was up again. Some ice-cream on his milk helped too I guess ; )

After breakfast, he was in his little pool playing with some water balloons and talking to himself. Then when I started to hang clothes in the balcony, he said loudly to me "Oww ... pain pain". When asked where his pain was ... he said "On my beautiful body lor". I immediately burst out laughing - I did not imagine he would be able to say that!! He started laughing too when he saw I was so tickled, although I am not sure he knew what I was laughing about.

All in a morning's worth of parenting - it sure is rewarding!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

MPH Warehouse Sales

Yesterday I went to a book warehouse sale hosted by MPH. I must say that although I am a huge fan of books, I have never really gone to any of these sales because I had always thought that it was going to be a bunch of really old books and dirty.

However, EJ told me that it was great and that the discounts will be fabulous. So, I went. I reached at about 9.30am and already there was a crowd. I had to park some distance away and silently thought that it better be worth the walk, it was hot!

When I reached, EJ was already there and we went inside. Wow! I thought, it was really huge. A little dusty perhaps, but it was good. Although there were many people, at least they were organized and everyone was in a generally good mood. I did see some silly people with their strollers, why would anyone want to bring babies to a warehouse sale?? The dust is crazy!!

I went only looking at the book shelves although the books in the boxes on the floor would have been better bargains. Somehow, I do not think I can just squat there and search in my condition. Maybe next year, promise I won't bring the baby along.

I ended up buying like 7 books for myself and 4 for Ryan, including 3 colouring books which were a steal at RM5 per book. And it all cost me only RM200. There were some sticker books there but they were no different theme than what Ryan has now. There were also a range of kids' books organized into junior readers, teen, etc. and they were the most organized of the whole lot! Says something ain't it? I will buy these next year when Ryan (hopefully) would have learned to read by then.

There is something about books that gives me this therapeutic feeling. It is always a good feeling, sort of like they are my friends, my reference ... if only there is a talking book!! The best part of buying a book is in the wrapping part. I find this really relaxing. And over the years, I have found some new ways to wrap them too, so it is very interesting for me. Of course, the reading part is a given la, then why buy it in the first place right?

Hmm .... wonder if I can go again today, I missed out 2 gifts for Ryan's classmates' birthday coming up.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I love you

I love to see Ryan sleep. Many nights I would spend some minutes before I sleep to just stare at him and touching his face and smelling his hair. Last night, I whispered into his ear "I Love You" ... and he whispered back "I Love You" ... with his eyes close and sleep still underway.

I was thrilled, sleep well my child.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kids should go to school everyday!

When Ryan first started school, hubby had a theory that he is better taught at school than being taught by us at home on matters like manners.
While I had disagree then, I must admit that it has some truth to it.

This morning, when I called Ryan to get up and changed, I was very surprised that he actully jumped up and wished me "Good morning mummy!" He usually will sulk and whine and cry. So this was a fresh change. He even willingly let me change him, drank his milk and came out of the room smiling. He also willingly went to brush his teeth!!

When we got to school, his teacher told me that actually she told them about this yesterday. She was telling them that when they wake up in the morning, they should be all happy and cheery and not whiny and crying. And the message stuck to them!! Can you believe that? Somebody they see for 4 hours a day versus us who they see more - they actually hear the teacher better than me!!

Hope he still remembers her words tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kids then and now

Ryan is now slightly over 3 and a half years old. Time really passes quickly when you are running after a toddler. It seems like it was just yesterday that I had him in my arms in the hospital. I remember not being able to bond with him immediately though, it was one of those things which I needed time on. Now, I cannot bear to be apart from him.

My mum says that Ryan is more active and more talkative than me or my brother was. Yup, I acknowledged, time has changed. Kids nowadays are really different from our time, they learn so much more and they know so much more than what we used to know.

Ryan can express himself very well and we will know exactly how he feels or what he needs/ wants most of the time. Even when he is agitated, he will still be able to articulate himself.

His vocabulary is also better than when I was 3 years old. He knows what a Sphinx is ... I hadn't got a clue till I was able to read leh.

He can also remember most things after being told once or twice. He also remembers what we say and so, we cannot go say something and then change it midway - he will remember and asked you about it and then get irritated at you for changing the rules midway. Really.

He is also able to eat on his own, although at home he wants to be fed.

He is also able to help me scrape the potatoes and mash them with mayonaise. Sometimes he is also able to help me with the dishes, after much water and soap of course.

Ryan understands rules very well - "no tv on a school nite" "no eating animals" "when i count to 5, I want you to ..." etc.

Ryan is a rules person (till today anyway), he always wants to do things in a certain way, have a certain set of processes to follow - oh dear, I hope he will not end up to be an accountant or a compliance person!

And Ryan is also into girls, pretty ones at that, especially if the girl has long hair. He will be extremely pleased ....

Oh yes, kids nowadays really know and understand so much more.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My baby and Ryan

I am not sure about this, but it seems that whenever Ryan laughs out loud, the baby seems to move quite a bit.

Just now, while playing, Ryan was laughing out loud and I felt the baby move. I had Ryan put his hands on my tummy hoping that he will feel the movements, but the baby stopped.

And because my tummy was exposed, Ryan said "tsk, cover your tummy, must keep the baby warm, else the baby will be cold."

He said it with such emotions, it was difficult not to feel touched.
Hope Ryan continues to love the baby come January 2009.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My very pregnant Ryan

This is my darling who is supposedly pregnant. Here he is saying that he needs to sit for a while.

This is him all happy with the pregnancy : )

Selamat Hari Raya

Today is Hari Raya for the Muslims in the country and around the world. We are very fortunate here in Malaysia as we get to have all the holidays of our major festives and this is one of them.

Recent developments in the political scene has prompted us to remember those who are unlawfully detained in the Kamunting lock-up. My wishes to their family and their loved ones who could not be there to celebrate together.

And today, our PM said that this is the time to forgive and strengthen ties. Well, Mr. PM, why not show that by releasing all those in there whom you think is a threat to national security, but in reality not so??

Selamat Hari Raya indeed.