Saturday, June 28, 2008

How to take out the baby?

Ryan is very excited about the a of.
However, he has been fickle about whether he wanted to have a boy or a girl.
At first he wanted a girl because he likes it.
2 days ago, he said he wanted a boy because he wants to play football with him.

Out of the blue, he asked me one night "How to take out the baby?"
I had explained that the doctor will have to cut my stomach out to take out the baby.
His response "Use the kitchen knife ah?" To which I explained that it was a hospital knife. He then asked "Then got a lot of blood lor?"

So, the question about getting the baby out is done.
I am waitting for the day he asks about how the baby got in in the first place.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Ryan's concert

Last week, Ryan had a concert in his school for the parents.
Due to space constraints, the concert was broken into 2 days - Wednesday for the 2, 3, & 4 year olds' parents and Friday for the 5 & 6 year olds' parents.

We went on Wednesday and I was so excited that the night before I could not sleep properly. Hubby said I am crazy to be overly excited about something like this.

Anyway, the morning came and we arrived early in school. The kids were all upstairs and there was a commotion everytime a kid arrived. It was like saying "ok, another one in, there is only another missing 5" ... there was an earlier accident on the highway and so, some kids were late.

Finally at about 9.15am, the ocnert began with the 2 & 3 year olds singing and dancing. Little Ryan held an Indian girl's hand out on the dance floor and proceeded with the routine. I have heard the song for so many weeks now but could not beat the pride I have while I see him dance and lead the little girl. Each of the couples were given a space marked with red tape so that they know where to stand and at what distance. Can you imagein? A 2/ 3 year old can actually learn that and adhere to it? Hubby was filming away and waved to Ryan. I was afraid that he would rushed over ... but he did not and completed the dance with a bow and everything.

They also had an act of singing 2 Chinese songs complete with action and dance steps too. Again, I was afraid that Ryan would cry, but surprisingly, he did well. Even after the routine was completed, he stood his ground and walked out of the hall with his friends, in order.

When I first sent Ryan to school, the teacher showed me the video from last year's concert. It was incredible how small little kids can be so adhering, and I must admit I have some doubts too. But then when little Ryan and his friends proved it, it was pure joy for me.

After all the presentations, the little ones took turns to give the parents some gifts which they had made in class and was supposedly TOP SECRET - they did not tell us about it at all! The parents then made their way to the tea outside and the little ones then had a little party amongst themselves too.

Ryan and his gang repeated the entire show on Friday for the older kids' parents and he was excited about it later that day when I went to fetch him. There was a whole bag of goodies that the teachers gave them. Among it was a coin box - such an appropriate reminder of the fees we have to save for the kindy!! But I must say that it was worth it : )

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I am pregnant : )

Yup, in my 8th week now.

Feeling tired all the time, but still able to hack through the day.

Little Ryan is very excited and is convince that he will have a baby sister. We will know come January 2009.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


How to survive the damn government's policies

If you think about what the damn government has been doing lately, I must say that it has helped spur people into being more creative with ways to make money. I am not saying everyone would think that way, but maybe 1 in 10 will think about how to make more money and maintain the current lifestyle than the remaining 9 in 10 who are lamenting about t.

I must admit that when I first heard about this silly hike, I was pissed and annoyed (I still am) but then I thought, bloody AAB is not about to retract his statement, so let's find ways to make more money.

This month's Personal Money has an interesting article on 10 ways to start a venture for under RM10k.
1) Go online - make the cyberspace your target market
2) Offer your advice - Talk talk talk ... but with some sense
3) Get inspired by your hobby - turn your hobby into a money making machine
4) Train others - Train other people to be what you are good at
5) Tutor
6) Pick up a skill and turn it into something which will make you some money. My friends and I talked about putting our powerpoint skills into helping others do their reports.
7) Cook, bake - make someone else's stomach grow big while your bank account gets bigger
8) Set up a stall instead of a shop in flea markets etc.
9) Personal selling - MLM, Unit trust, Insurance
10) Keep others fit - fancy pole dancing? Teach others!!

Well, when you come to think of it, these are rather easy things to do to help us increase our incomes. However, there will be people who say that it is too difficult, too hard, too hot, too cold etc.

Nett nett - how bad do you want to increase your money?
Cause if you want it bad enough, all the "too-s" will go away.

I took up (9) ... thinking about (2) as well.

What about you?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Bloody AAB said " ... that Tenaga Nasional Bhd would be raising electricity rates by 18% for homes and 26% for business users."



That is price of petrol from tomorrow onwards.

Bloody price is just going up and up everyday and I am not sure if my salary can sustain this.
Needless to say the government said we are still one of the cheapest in the region, below the anticipated RM4 blah blah blah ... some bull shit they are feeding us.

Right now, I am so angry about this. Imagine my transportation cost going up 40% overnight and this does not include all the other prices that will increase - food, drinks, consumables etc.

And I wonder what the damn cabinet will be saying tomorrow when there are protests and anger circulating in the country. The people who implemented this will obviously not feel the impact seeing that they are all heavily subsidised. Heck, they should just pull all th perks for the elected ministers and then, they will feel the pinch of us everyday folks.

And I wonder if they will still threaten to have any snap polls - I am sure with a snap of the fingers, they will no longer be Menteris ... Try us!


Monday, June 2, 2008

Ryan away

This week is the second week of the school holidays and Ryan has gone to my mum's.

I have this fear sometimes that I may not be around for some reason and I would like to have Ryan to have another place where he is comfortable, who is family. And hard as it is, I thought that sending Ryan back to my mum's every school holiday will help him get used to conditions there ... in the event anything happens to me.

I know, it is silly, but I am paranoid I know.

Anyway, Ryan went off today and I feel like I always do ... a little lost and missing him lots.
I am sure I will be seeing a soar in my phone bills this week, but it is all worth it.

Looking forward to seeing him this weekend ...