Monday, September 24, 2012

Dexa Round 2

In my last post, I had mentioned about Megan being on steroids. The whole episode is now over and done with. At the peak of the second round, she insisted to having delicious (the restaurant!) everyday! Everyday she will go and ask for the Homemade pesto spaghetti and crispy fried mushrooms. Usually she can't finish the pesto and will have it packed, but she will still insist on having the carbonara too!

After eating a couple of nights with her, we (as in the whole family) could not stomach it anymore and so we had to sit and watch her eat! We were at the same store for 9 out of 10 days! It got to the point the waiters and the waitresses know her name and her orders and the cheese she requests for!

At home, she will ask for pizza. We make this with her choice of mushrooms and lots of cheese on bread. She will sit (im)patiently in front of the oven and wait for the dial to sound so she can eat it! Her mushrooms filled my fridge cause she wanted the fresh ones - Japanese ones, enoki, button mushrooms etc. We also loaded up on blocks of cheese for her to scrape and eat. Sliced cheese also came in and got eaten fast!

She also had a thing for spicy noodles - Cintan. Mamme curry noodles. And she would sit patiently and cut her mushrooms and then insist it is in her noodles. She also drank loads of milk - fresh, powdered and chocolate ones!

Eggs are another favourite. She also enjoys her taugeh. Needless to say, my fridge was fully stocked!

The last time, her obsession with food was much more specific. She wanted her pasta, cooked with cream. Taugeh, stir fried with mushrooms. She also wanted roti canai and chee cheong fun. Each time we go out to buy her food, she would clutch the food with her hands despite not being able to hold all. The obsession then was very intense.

We are due for another course of this med next month. Thankfully, it is a shorter dose. We have another injection to undergo for this protocol on Wednesday, and then we are done! The next protocol is easier, just oral meds and lesser trips to the hospital. Hope all will continue to go well for Megan. God bless!


Anonymous said...

Been following your blog for sometime. Can;t imagine myself going through same thing. Glad to know she seems to be somehow doiing fine.
Will keep Megan and your family in my prayer.

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Kiasu Mom said...

Hey busybee, just wanted to pop by and say 'you're a great mom!'

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