Sunday, July 8, 2012

My sweet Ryan

Ryan, by comparison to my other kids, is the sensitive one, the one which emotions is played to the max. Very emotional, very sensitive, very quickly cathes on your moods, and also the very understanding one.

Last Sunday, at Sunday School, the teacher ended with asking if anyone has a person to pray for. Being the newbie, he was very brave to raise his hands and asked that the class pray for his sister, who has leukemia. His gesture touched many people in the class without him knowing it. The teacher made everyone promise to pray for little Megan every night. I felt so thankful for that.

A few days later, Ryan asked for some photos to be cut out for his family tree homework. He brought our photos and passed his sister's to everyone in class to show them his sister. I asked why did he do that, he said "So that everyone will know who they are praying for." My heart melted.

Just now, I asked if he wanted to eat out for dinner. He said no, I asked why ... he said "Keep the money for Megan to see doctor." I was near to tears when I heard him say that.

His drama class teacher said Ryan is a very co-operative and polite boy. I have heard so many nice things that sometimes I wonder how he can get so nasty with me. I guess behind all those dreadful scenes, there lie a lovely boy which so many people can see but sometimes it escapes me. My sweet little Ryan, I hope he will continue to melt my heart more and more each day ...